Tuesday 11th October

Apologies for not uploading as many photographs as we would like to but the wifi connection is very hit and miss. 

A misty autumn morning greeted us all and some children were a little reluctant to get out of their beds. 

After a hearty breakfast, the children took part in a range of activities. 

Mr Taziker's group
Archery, initiative exercises, aerial trek, sensory trail

Mrs Cooper / Miss Smith's group
Orienteering, archery, aerial trek, initiative exercises

Miss Merson / Mrs Stokes' group
Sensory trail, orienteering, archery, aerial trek

Miss Jessemine's group 
Fencing, sensory trail, orienteering, aerial trek

Mrs Bertoni's group
Dance mania, fencing, sensory trail, orienteering. 

Evening activity was run around quiz, which gave the children the opportunity to burn off any remaining drops of energy before bed!

We are staying in a lovely self-contained house on the edge of the site. One drawback is we are unable to access wifi so far away from the mansion house. We are therefore limited to opportunities to access wifi and will make every opportunity to update whenever possible. 

On returning home, a much larger selection of photographs will be uploaded when we have a more reliable and faster internet connection. 

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