School Council

Hello everyone!

Our School Council for this year:

Name / class
Head Pupil Team: Aimee Bunn, Kiera Marten, Jack Lawrie & Kian Flynn
Year 2: Roman Hampshire (2SW) & Esme Holbrook (2AW)
Year 3: George Stockton (3S) & Georgia Davidson (3D)
Year 4: Eloise Laws (4T) & Bella Tierney  (4L)
Year 5: Izzy Haughton (5H) & Ben Wigston (5G)
Year 6: Noah Wilson (6D) & Emma Smith (6M)

We meet weekly with Mrs Reynolds and discuss the ways in which we can help to improve our brilliant school!

This year we are working towards the school goal of  "be the best we can be". This will include developing even better behaviour and manners across the school.

Chat to your class representative if you have any great ideas.  You can fill out a slip from the school council display board with any suggestions you have for us.  Remember we are here to make our school great!

What our school council wants to say to you:

"Do not keep your worries to yourself. We are here to help!"

"I will share your ideas with other members of the school council!" 

"We are working to improve our school, to achieve brilliance in and out of the classroom."

"If you want to talk to us, don't hesitate!"

"I will be there to play with you if you are on your own."

"I will help you find new friends to play with!"

"I can help you to make things better!"

"I will always be there for you!"

From your School Council members

Check below for further details of our work

We have recently collected each year group's Contract of Brilliance.  These were devised in our PHSE sessions following Ms La Porta's whole school assembly.

The school council are working together to build a whole school Contract of Brilliance incorporating all our ideas.

Continuing our work:

Anti-Bullying video

This half term we have continued to uphold the pledges made in our School Contract of Brilliance. The school council decided to make an anti-bullying video, as we all agreed you should never be a bystander. We considered the impact of bullying and reflected on how it could make people feel. We felt strongly that we all wanted to share the message ‘Say no to bullying!’ We also included positive messages that we have on display in our school. Please have a look at the video below.

Do you agree with us, that you should never be a bystander? 

Supporting ‘Brilliance outside of the classroom’

The school council have worked relentlessly this half term to ensure we create brilliance inside and outside the classroom. They did this by setting a high expectation that everybody should have ‘terrific table manners’ in the dining hall. We are pleased the report we have seen a real improvement in lunch time behaviour. There is a calmer atmosphere in the hall, children are using knifes and folks correctly, food is not being dropped on the floor and the children use their manners. It has been delightful to see the raffle winners of the terrific table manners attending the Friday afternoon tea party.

Celebrating ‘Brilliance inside the classroom’

The school council are currently creating a display to share the impact of their work this term.  Have a look at the display board in the entrance hall and read what the children have learnt this term which they didn’t already know!

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For general enquiries or paper copies of any information published on our website, please contact the School Bursar.

Main Contact: Mrs B. Stevens

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SEN Contact: Mrs V. Williams