MPS Science Principles

These are our core science principles written by the teachers and children in our school. We aim to fulfil these in our lessons, clubs and even at home. We believe if we can do all of these then we will achieve our greatest potential in science!









Our Vision Statement

At Middlewich Primary School our goal is to spark children’s scientific curiosity and excitement. We ensure that child-led scientific enquiry is at the heart of our lessons. Children learn to explain the world around them by posing questions that they will then investigate. They will analyse their results and form conclusions recognising the importance of accurate evidence.

Our aim is that the progression of these experiences along their school journey will allow children to build a deep knowledge and understanding of science concepts. This will enable children to make connections with the real world and see the relevance of science in their own lives. We want every child to see scientists as inspiring role models and recognise their own potential for future careers.



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