Year 3 - Dragons!

In year 3, we have really enjoyed studying dragons during the Spring Term. During remote learning, we listened to the audiobook ‘The Boy who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd and we enjoyed studying ‘The Egg’ by M.P Robertson. We wrote interesting descriptions of the egg and the dragon that emerged too.

Since returning to school, we have been studying the poem ‘Storm Dragon’. We looked at the poem together as a class before writing our own stanzas. We then put our stanzas together in groups to create our own poem.We looked carefully at the syllables on each line as well as the rhyming patterns. We tried our best to include these patterns in our poems too.

Once we had written our own poems, we put the stanzas together and practiced performing it. We chose musical instruments to re-create the sounds of a storm. We enjoyed performing the poems to our class.

We also designed our own dragons by using wax crayons to add details. We then used Brusho to add colour. It was great to see the wax resisting the Brusho! The dragons have now overtaken the corridor outside of the year 3 classroom. Keep an eye out for them! 





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