Brilliance outside of the classroom at Styal Mill!

Date: 2nd Oct 2015 @ 8:16pm

We all had a great time in year five during our  trip to Quarry Bank Mill. We enjoyed learning about the River Bollin and developing our map reading skills around Styal Village! 

All of the teachers were so impressed with the outstanding behaviour displayed by you all! One of the National Trust guides said what a polite and friendly group you all were! Well done year 5!! 

What was your favourite part of our trip and what interesting facts did you learn? 


Miss Harding :) 

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Mrs Stokes wrote:

My favourite of the trip was discovering the wildlife living in the pond!

Miss Harding wrote:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it- I did too!!

Keira Cranstone wrote:

Me as well.

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Miss Beanland wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Styal Mill. When we were pond dipping, I learnt which animals can be found in the river. I also enjoyed drawing a sound map of the village as a way of directing people!

Keira Cranstone wrote:

I enjoyed that as well.

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NSmith wrote:

I enjoyed styal mill

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Harry Jackson wrote:

I enjoyed all of it!
Especially when we went into the river.

Sophie Darlington wrote:

That was my favourite part too

Keira Cranstone wrote:

OH YEAH!!! That was cool.

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Sophie Darlington wrote:

My favourite part was pond dipping and catching creaturs.

Cerys Hartnoll wrote:

Yeah, our group caught 6 shrimp, 2 leeches, 1 water snail and 1 blood worm! The pond dipping was awesome, especially when we got to go into the river and the lady said I had good wellies!

Cerys hartnoll wrote:

Yeah our group caught 6 shrimps 2 leaches 1 water snail and 1 blood worm!

maisie cheetham wrote:

mine too

lucy gibbs wrote:

I especially liked the pond dipping, probably because I love going into water . Its so much fun .don't worry, I am not trying to brag!!!

Cerys Hartnoll wrote:

You never brag Lucy because you the best Bff anyone could ever wish for!
Anyway I also liked the pond dipping bit because I love going into water and my granddad is going to take me somewhere to go pond dipping

Lucy Gibbs wrote:

Thanks cerys,I hope you enjoy your visit!πŸ˜€

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Keira Cranstone wrote:

I loved our trip to Styal mill. IT was amazing. My tour guide Adela, who was very friendly, played lots of games with us but they were actually to check the speed, depth and temperature of the water. How amazing Is that?
( I wonder if we will go on a trip like that again?)
I'm definitely going to Styal mill again.

Lucy Gibbs wrote:

Yep,sure am!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Έ

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Lewis b wrote:

I enjoyed when we went map reading around style mill

Nicole Smith wrote:

I enjoyed seeing the chapel and the rest of the village.

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Lois Ball wrote:

I really enjoyed our trip my favourite bit was the pond dipping πŸΈπŸŒΈπŸ˜€βœοΈ

Cerys Hartnoll wrote:

Same I loved that and lois check what I put on Miss Hardings Highwayman blog I put something els and did you reply last night because I did! :)

lois ball wrote:

Yes I Did last night and I read your comment :)

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Cerys wrote:

I was a bit shy a when I went an on the bus I had Jessica to look after me she mad me laugh but when we got going I started to enjoy what especially with Miss Harding in my group ^^.
Who wouldn't like a trip to Styal Village?
Not me!
My favourite part was when we went pond dipping!
Who wouldn't like a bit of pond dipping?
Not me I loved it!

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maisie wrote:

my favourite part was pond dipping

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amber wrote:

I really liked this trip

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jessica wrote:

I realy liked our trip to style mill

did you enjoy it?

Lois ball wrote:

I really enjoyed our tripπŸŸπŸΈπŸš™πŸ“·

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Rebecca 6t wrote:

I liked it when I went

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