Art Week

Lesson: Art and design

Class: Year 3S Year: 2017 - 2018

What a super start to the week class 3S! 

We started the day thinking about these questions -  What is art? Where do we see art? Why do people do art?

Our next job was to sort pictures using our own criteria. We then thought about different genres of art and sorted our pictures into Still Life, Landscape, Abstract and Portrait. This was quite tricky as some artists such as Pablo Picasso did abstract portraits! We also tried to identify similar styles created by the same artist. 

We then focused on Landscape and chose a piece of art to look at more closely. We labelled the background, middleground and foreground and also talked about the horizon line. 

Our afternoon session was dedicated to developing an artistic skill - perspective.  We learned that the further away an object is to the eye, the smaller it gets. We also looked at how colours fade as they get further away. We then had a go at sketching using one point perspective and a vanishing point. 

We can't wait to have another day of art tomorrow. Look at our results so far! 


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