Year 1 - Summer Support

We hope that you enjoy the activities that have been planned for you. Follow the links below to access the recommended webpages and videos to help you to practise the knowledge that you have learnt this year. 


Each week, read one of your books from your virtual book bag. Try to read little and often. Try and share lots of books/stories. Remember it’s also important to listen to stories too. We look forward to hearing about your favourite! Login using the link below:

Collins Ebooks


Each week, write a diary entry in your summer diary. This could be things you have done, things you have enjoyed or things you are looking forward to. We can’t wait to share your writing in September to look at your memories of Summer 2021!


Have a look at the videos below. Watch a video each week and complete the activities to practise your phonics. Use your phonics fan to practise your sounds. Can you time yourself to remember each of the sounds we have learnt? Can you get faster?

You can also practise your phonics by playing games on these websites (choose all of phase 5):


Each week, watch one of the handwriting videos about one of the families of letters. Practise writing each letter (both the capital and the lower case) starting in the right place.


Practise your fluency by using Numbots. How many coins can you get? Can you earn more coins to change your robot? Also, have a look at the videos below to practise your fluency of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and also recalling odd numbers.

You can watch the videos on BBC Bitesize and you can also play games using these websites below:

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