Year 6 Zoom Blog wb 22.06.20

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 9:34pm

Hello year 6,

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom this week.  Your session day and time will be the same as last week. Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the email with all the relevant information on.

  • 6D Zoom sessions will be at 2pm on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 
  • 6M sessions will be on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 11am or 1pm. The Monday and Wednesday sessions are all at 1pm. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are all at 11am.

This week, as you enter the room, there will be a grammar starter, which focuses on prepositions. You will need to click on this to watch the video clip about prepositions before your Zoom meeting. We will then do an arithmetic quiz. Your questions will focus on multiplication and division. To remind yourself of the written methods we use for multiplication and division, please watch the two clips (Y6 multiplication and Y6 division) which are on our class page on our school website. Click this [LINK] to help you find them.

At the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share any news and a piece of your work (if you want to) so have that ready just in case. 

As normal, you will need to bring a pen and a piece of paper to your Zoom session. 

We can’t wait to see you all.

Mrs Davies and Miss Merson

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Megan wrote:

Hi everyone
I hope you all are ok. Yesterday I saw my nana and grandad and had some lunch together. I am getting better of doing tricks on my trampoline and I also got a Christopher Robin tigger teddy from my soon to be step mum. I also went on call with poppy and Lucy and made a group called cookie squad. I can’t wait to go back to school and see you all on zoom πŸ€—πŸ‘

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Miss Merson wrote:

Megan - It sounds like you are having a great time! I think I would quite like to be part of Cookie Squad! I am really looking forward to seeing you back at school next week. One week to go!

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Daisy wrote:

Hi everyone,
I have really enjoyed doing the zoom lessons for the past couple of weeks. It has been really nice being able to see everyone and the teachers again! I am looking forward to coming back into school again next Monday. Thank you for doing the zooms πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Miss Merson wrote:

Daisy - I have loved doing the Zoom lessons too as it has meant I have still been able to see you all. I have really enjoyed them but am looking forward to having lots of you back in school next week even more!

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William Treweeks wrote:

Hi everybody!
I hope that everybody is doing well! I am a little bit stressed as I have had to keep up with school, my family, scouts, etc. I am otherwise fine and have had a great weekend and week so far. Over the weekend, I:
Changed a wheel on my dad's car as he had a flat tyre,
Changed (or rather took out and put back in) a light, front and back, in my dad's car,
Celebrated Fathers' day and my mum's birthday on the same day (a rare occurrence (approx. every 31 years or so)),
Helped my mum as she developed a strong migraine.
I am looking forward to the zoom meeting (it will've already happened by the time the comment is live). Hope you are all alright,

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi William,

You have been very busy changing wheels and lights - what great skills you have! I really enjoyed our Zoom meeting. I hope you mum is better soon.
Take care,
Mrs Davies

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