Year 6 Zoom Blog 18.05.20

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 9:02am

Hello year 6,

We have really enjoyed doing our weekly zoom sessions with you. It is so nice to see all your smiley faces! 

6D zoom sessions will be at 2pm on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  6M sessions will be on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 11am or 1pm. The Monday and Wednesday sessions are all at 1pm. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are all at 11am. Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the email with all the relevant information on.

This week our zoom session will start with a times table starter followed by an English quiz. When you join the meeting, you will see the multiplication questions on the screen, so you can be answering these questions, whilst we wait for everyone to join. We will then quickly mark your answers and start our English quiz. In English, the questions will focus on your grammar and punctuation skills.

You will need to bring a pen and a piece of paper to your zoom session. Also at the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share any news and a piece of your work (if you want to) so have that ready just in case. 

Please remember to position your camera so we can see your head and shoulders clearly. To make sure that we have a successful Zoom session you must ensure that you:

  • Are respectful, polite and considerate of others at all times.
  • Listen carefully to the teacher and what others say.
  • Wait for your teacher to un-mute you.
  • Do not try and distract other children in the session (e.g. by pulling a silly face).
  • Do not change your background because this can distract other children.
  • Do not capture anything on the screen.
  • Do not leave the session unless you absolutely have to.

If you display poor behaviour, you will receive a warning. If this continues, your video and microphone will be disabled and you may not be able to re-join the session.

We can’t wait to see you all.

Mrs Davies and Miss Merson

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Megan wrote:

Hi Miss Merson
Last week I FaceTimed my cousin Lucy and poppy and we played some games.Yesterday me my brother my mum and stepdad had a roast dinner and we were thinking of making a bar where we can sell milkshakes ,ice cream and drinks but we don’t know if we have time to do it so we might do it next summer. So far I am reading a pop star and it is really funny, inspiring and targeting towards the audience I am exited for the zoom call and making the bar hope you are ok. 🤗

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Filip Bydlinski wrote:

Hello everyone. The reason I am contacting you today is that I want to let you know that I have finished my book Hydra which was really good and scary. Now I am starting my fourth Harry Potter book which so far is very intriguing and is called Goblet of Fire. Also I have an activity last week that I enjoyed it was the bridge and I found Art also good. Enjoy the rest of the day bye.

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Miss Merson wrote:

Hi Megan! That sounds like a great idea. I made banana milkshakes last week and they were delicious. This week I might go for a less healthy Kinder Bueno milkshake. What milkshake do you think would be bestseller at your bar?!

Hi Filip! I am so glad to hear that you have been doing so much reading. Goblet of Fire is a GREAT one. I wish I could read all of the Harry Potters for the first time again. Have a lovely week!

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Megan - Wow! What a great idea. My favourite milkshake flavour is strawberry. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying your book.

Filip - You certainly are doing lots of reading and this is fantastic to hear. Keep up the hard work.

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Hayden H wrote:

Hi I hope everyone is doing ok and I want to say I have had a Amazing week and that I have been out for walks and had a virtual chats with my cousins and I have also dyed my hair blue and I have also made some delicious peanut butter cookies with warheads candy melted on top of them. This week we are making Malteser brownies.

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi Hayden,

It sounds like you are keeping busy. The peanut butter cookies sound delicious! You are making me hungry. I can't wait to hear about the Malteser brownies! Take care.

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Miss Merson wrote:

I am so glad that you have had such a positive week Hayden! I am looking forward to seeing that funky hair on our Zoom too. It is so nice to be able to chat virtually with you family isn't it? I can't wait to be able to see my family and hug them properly though.

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Jessica Grant wrote:

This week for food technology I made a sausage casserole. The ingredients I used were:
- 2 onions
- half a pepper
- 200ml of water
- stock cube
- half a tin of tinned tomatoes
- sausages
- 40g pasta per person (we made two lots of pasta : normal and gluten free)
It was very nice.

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi Jessica,

The sausage casserole sounds delicious. Did you enjoy making it? and most importantly did you enjoy eating it?

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Poppy :) wrote:

Hi Miss Merson this week I have done some maths English and geography I also have been having fun as every lunch time call my Nanna. I have been calling Lucy and Meg and Daisy quite a bit. Here is my geography quiz
1) What is the Estuary to the river Severn?
2) Where is the River Thames located?
3) Are the Mersey and Dee close?
4) How many Avon rivers are there?
5) What body of water does the river Tyne flow into?
6) Where is the river Dee located?
7) What main city does the Thames run through?
8) What county is home to the river Exe?
9) Is the river Eden in England or Scotland?
10) What body of water does the Mersey flow into?

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi Poppy,

Wow! You have worked hard on your geography quiz. Miss Merson will be very impressed. Well done.

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