Year 1 Wednesday 22nd April

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 8:54am

Firstly... hurrah! The blog seems to be working again! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Good morning Year 1, we hope you are all looking after yourselves and taking care of you and your families.

Now that the blog is working again, it would be amazing to hear from you all. How were your Easter holidays? What have you all been doing? We'd still love to know!

Now one thing we'd love to know about this week is your Science work. Have you made your picture of the human body? What did you make it out of? Which parts have you labelled? Did you enjoy it?

We can't wait to hear from you all.

Mrs Parker and Mr Swift smiley


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James Alderley wrote:

During the Easter break I have been playing outside a lot with my little brother. I have also gone on lots of bike rides with my Daddy.
We have planted lots of flowers and seeds in the garden. I have made and painted a bird feeder.
In the last 2 weeks I have lost two teeth! The tooth fairy has left me some money.
I miss my friends lots.

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi James,
We have been very lucky with the weather haven't we? It means that lots of us can get outside either in the garden, or for our daily walk. It's been lovely to see the season of spring become very colourful!
The bird feeder sounds great! Have any birds used it yet?
I wonder if the tooth fairy has been busy at other people's houses too?
We all miss each other lots, but hopefully we'll see each other soon. :)

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George yearsley wrote:

Hello, hope you had a nice easter . I enjoyed doing a easter egg hunt with my brother and sister it was really fun. I have also been playing football in the garden and been in my hot tub alot as it has been warm, the dog enjoyed getting splashed .I have also spoken to my friends aswell as i miss them and i miss school aswell.
Hope to see you all soon 😃

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi George,
I had a lovely Easter thank you. I have enjoyed the weather and being able to go in the garden a lot. It sounds like you have been having lots of fun in your garden too! A hot tub sounds very nice!
I'm glad you've been able to talk to your friends. Staying in touch with each other is very important.
Have you enjoyed the activities you've been doing? Which has been your favourite?

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Mollie wrote:

Hello Mrs Parker,

I have had a really nice Easter holiday, I have really enjoyed playing in the sunshine with my sister Maisie. I have learnt how to ride my bike and now enjoy riding, scooting and walking.

I have been out most days for my daily exercise and our walk is our little adventure where we find different routes and watch out for what wildlife we see in the way.

I am really enjoying learning at home with my mum and sister but do miss you and my friends.

I hope you have had a lovely Easter too.

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Mollie,
Well done for learning how to ride your bike! That is amazing. I bet you'll have lots of fun in the next few weeks and months on your bike.
I have really enjoyed my daily walk too, especially in the sunshine. I'd love to know what wildlife you have seen? I have seen lots and lots of squirrels!
I'm glad you are enjoying learning from home. Keep up the hard work! Hopefully we'll get to see each other soon! :)

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Charlie Ainsworth wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker,
I have enjoyed the Easter holidays. I've eaten lots of chocolate.
I've played outside and planted some seeds. I had a BBQ and tried some new foods which I liked.
I helped to put our trampoline up too so have been busy bouncing!
Did you have a nice Easter?

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Charlie,
I have had a lovely Easter thank you. I have eaten lots of chocolate too! I've started being healthier again this week. I have enjoyed having salad with my meals. I do like the idea of a BBQ though. Which new foods do you like? Which was your new favourite?
I bet you enjoy going on your trampoline. It is a great way to exercise and keep fit - remember to stay safe on it!

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Sophia Moore wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker and Mr Swift,

I hope you had a good Easter. I found lots of Easter eggs and they were very yummy! The Easter bunny dropped a lot of Easter eggs off. What did you do for Easter? At Daddy's I played lots of games with Oli and Ariya outside in the garden and I always go on bike rides with them. We're going to get a paddling pool soon too! At Mummy's I baked dough shapes of rainbows and love hearts and I am going to paint them.

Today at Daddy's, I have done my Science work and decided to paint the human body. I labelled hair, head, eyes, shoulders, waist, elbows, hands, fingers, feet, toes and wrists. I also did my Art work and drew a witch's cauldron (from the story Jack and the Beanstalk) without taking my paintbrush off the paper.

I miss my friends a lot and wish I could see them. I wish I was back in school with everyone.

Be safe Mrs Parker and Mr Swift.

Love from Sophia xxxxx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Sophia,
I had a lovely Easter thank you. I spent a lot of time in the garden, and eating too much chocolate! We have been lucky with the weather so that we can go in the garden, or go for a daily walk in the sunshine. It's nice to hear you are keeping active.
I love the sound of your art work. Did you enjoy doing it?
I miss everyone too, but hopefully it won't be too long before we all get back to school! :)

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Josh McConnell wrote:

Hello Mrs Parker and everybody
In the Easter Holidays I got some sunflower seeds from my neighbour but haven't planted them yet. I spent a lot of time in my new paddling pool with my little brother and have read lots. I have had a few new Tom Gates books which I really love! I haven't lost any teeth yet but I do have some wobbly ones!
I have just enjoyed doing my science work where I had to look in a mirror and draw my face.
Hopefully see you all soon
PS I really love reading all of my friends blogs

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Joshua,
How lovely to receive some seeds from your neighbour. Do you know what type of plant will grow? The weather has been warm enough for a paddling pool, so I bet you've had lots of fun in your garden.
It doesn't surprise me that you have read a lot. It's always nice to read a new book! I'm looking forward to seeing your drawing when we get back to school. Have you labelled the different parts of your face too?
Hopefully it won't be too long before everyone gets back to school - I love reading the blogs too!

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Niamh Ikin wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker

Hope you are okay and had a nice Easter? I had a lovely Easter.

I have played outside in the garden with my sister Elsie .

I have been doing exercise and running 5K with my Daddy. I am very good at my bike now.

I have done lots of work at home. My favourite things have been making a crown for the Queen's birthday and the art work. I am enjoying doing the spelling work every day and doing the English especially the stories.

My front teeth are wobbly too! I have learnt how to make an omelette by myself and pasta! We have been doing lots of baking and making cakes!

I miss everyone very much and hope to see all my class and you very soon
Love Niamh xx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Niamh,
I am very well thank you and I had a lovely Easter - I ate far too much chocolate! It's nice to hear you have been very active. Well done for running 5K with your Daddy. I bet you have enjoyed doing it with him! I'm glad you are enjoying the work at home. I can't wait to read your stories! What did you make the crown out of? Was it easy or hard to make?
A big well done for making an omelette by yourself! Was it tasty? We have omelettes quite often in our house.
I miss everyone too, but hopefully we'll be back at school soon!

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Caleb bratherton wrote:

Hi mrs parker
I've had a lovely Easter holiday. I've tried lots of new foods and enjoyed cooking with mummy.
I have been out in the garden alot playing football with daddy and learning new tricks. I have also been playing catch with my little sister.
See you soon

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Caleb,
I'm glad you've had a lovely Easter holiday. Which new foods did you try? Which was your favourite?
We have been lucky with the weather - I bet you have enjoyed playing football! What tricks have you learnt? I have enjoyed going for my daily walk in the sunshine. It's lovely to see all the flowers becoming very colourful!
Have you done any of the activities I have set you? Which have been your favourite?
I hope we all see each other soon!

Caleb bratherton wrote:

My favourite food was the homemade meatballs that I made with mummy. They were very nice.
I have learnt lots and lots of tricks.
My favourite activity this week was making the postcard from the 1950s.
Have a nice weekend.

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