Monday 6th July

Date: 6th Jul 2020 @ 8:54am

Good morning 3D!

This week’s home learning overview can be found on our class page. 

Go to 'Class Pages'; choose 3D and scroll down until you see 'Files to Download' - 'Year 3 Home Learning 06.07.20'. Have a look through all of the activities. If you have any questions, reply to this blog or email me on 2email.

I hope you all enjoyed the home learning last week. Remember if you would like more activities there are lots of ideas on the home learning page of the website. Make sure you are keeping active and getting some fresh air (let's hope it stops raining!). 

There is a TT Rockstars battle against 3H this week so let's see if we can all work together to win!! 

Let me know what you have been doing and how you are. I really enjoy reading your messages. 


Mrs Duttonsmiley

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Kyle wrote:

Hello Mrs Dutton,
I swam in a lake with my brother ,my mum, my dad.
I watched Hamilton with my cousins.
Me and my dad watched The Mandalorian on disney plus.
I baked pretsels, they were yummy.
I went on a run.

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Jayden 😃😀 wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton this weekend we made a den and watched frozen 2. We played on the rugby field and played cricket and football ⚽️.

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Harrison Rowlands wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton, how are you?

This week I went to a party with my dad to celebrate Liverpool winning the football. I also found out from my mum that you are having a baby :) congratulations.

Harrison Rowlands

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Izzy Bolt <('') wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton

Last week I really enjoyed reading the story about the ancient Egyptians gods and the BBC Bitesize song.

This weekend I played with my lego and we also watched Back To The Future.

Missing everyone lots

Love Izzy

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hello Kyle. It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend. Swimming in a lake sounds great fun. I hope it wasn't too cold. I really want to see Hamilton!
Hi Jayden. That sounds brilliant. I haven't seen Frozen 2 yet but I liked the first one. I am glad you were able to have some fun outdoors too.
Hello Harrison. Thank you! I bet that was an exciting party. I hope you had fun.

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hello Izzy. I am glad you enjoyed the history! Lego sounds like a lot of fun. I like the film back to the future as well!

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Lincoln wrote:

Hello. Mrs Dutton. On Monday I went to the Zoo with my family. We packed a picnic I had a sandwich, yogurt, strawberry's and a cookie my sister made, and it was good. We saw a lot of animals it was not that bad there were over 100 stations you can wash your hands at. My favorite one was when we had ice cream and sat were the lions use to be and ate it. Then my mom told us to go to this building that use to be in the lion's cage they used it as a scratching post. You can see the claw markings. We saw a lot of animals like zebra and lions. I took my phone to take pictures and I have a lot the rhinos were coming at us and everyone else, so I got a good picture. While I was gone my mom and dad tried to get some people to put new carpet in my room. And they did. Hope you have a nice day. Bye.

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hi Lincoln. That sounds like a fantastic day out. I bet it was really interesting to see all the different animals. The picnic sounded yummy too!

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