Here comes summer!

Date: 16th Jul 2020 @ 5:56pm

Hello 2W

Well, the last week of the school year is nearly over and it is a bit of a shame that we aren’t spending it together in our classroom, but remember we are still our class and we will all be together again in September at school. I can’t wait to see you all again in year 3 - trust me you will LOVE it.

We have had a different but wonderful year and it has been a real pleasure to watch each and every one of you grow, and to see you reach those targets we set at the start of year two. It has also been an enormous pleasure to see you laugh, smile and take pride in all your achievements.

I've really enjoyed our time, particularly our visit to Nantwich Museum and when we worked so hard to design, improve and build our Tudor houses only for Thomas Farrinor to forget to put the baker's fire out again and burn down our model of Pudding Lane! Thank goodness the fire brigade were there to put it out and tell us about the importance of fire safety.

I also particularly enjoyed our Nativity and the seeing the pride in all your faces as well as the faces of the other classes, teachers and adults from home as you all shone. WELL DONE!

Remember to enjoy your reading every day if you can, either reading alone, with an adult or relaxing and being read to. Don’t forget to ask any questions if there are any words or phrases you don’t quite understand. Asking is what the best readers do.

If you wish to revisit any Home Learning or to try something you didn’t manage to do, then all the Home Learning is saved under the Home Learning tab on the website (under Year 2 Home Learning). If there is anything you are unsure of then never give up. Keep trying. Always remember what we say at Middlewich Primary School - " I can't do it ... YET ! " 

I wish you and all your family a fantastic, safe and restful summer break and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Keep safe, have fun, keep smiling and always take good care.

Thank you for being such a wonderful class, I am immensely proud of you all.

See you soon!

Mr Williamson.

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Nathaniel wrote:

Hello Mr Williamson,
I will miss being in your class but also look forward to moving to a new year. Can't wait to see all my class together again. 😊 I have missed your jokes over the past few months.πŸ˜‚ Mum is not so funny!
Have a fab summer🌞🌞 Class 2W and see you all in September
All the best

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Lottie roberts wrote:

Thanks for being a fantastic and funny teacher I have had a great time in year two, I will miss your jokes. Hehe 😁hope you have a good summer enjoy the peace and quiet .

Love lottie 😜

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