Hello FPR 6.05.20

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 9:55am

Hello FPR

It is so nice that the sun is shining again!  I hope you have all been enjoying it, let's hope it lasts over the weekend.  How are you all doing with your home learning activities this week? There are some great activities, I hope you are enjoying them. 

This week I have been on lots of walks with my boys and the dog and we have been looking out for signs of Spring.  We have seen lots of lambs in the fields by our house.  If you get chance to go out for a walk keep your eye out for any signs of Spring and then you can let us know in a blog.  Mrs Pillai and I love hearing from you and all of the things you have been up to so please keep in touch.

Enjoy the rest of your sunny week with your family. Friday is a bank holiday for VE day. I would love to hear if you have done anything special to celebrate.

Love Mrs Rogerson ad Mrs Pillai

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Darcey Bannaghan wrote:

Good morning Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai
This week we went to a small wood and I collected sticks, leaves, flowers, stones and grass. Mummy got a milk carton and we built a bug hotel. I keep checking every morning to see if there are any bugs in it. I loved making it. Me, mummy, daddy and Kian have been on lots of walks. I have been colouring flags and pictures for VE day tomorrow. We are going to decorate our garden. Mummy has bought some yummy cakes and she says we are going to have a garden party. Today I am going to practise my handwriting with daddy. I miss my friends and teachers and my nanny and grandad. I was sad I couldn't hug and see my nanny so mummy facetimed them on her phone which made me smile again. X

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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend! Today, Mum and I are going to paint our front window with the 'Union Jack' flag. I also like the Lithuania flag from my book because it's red, yellow and green. I have been looking at all my baby pictures and videos with Mum. I've had a few sad days because home does not look like school so Mum has got a bell to ring for me and I am going to print some pictures from the website to label our rooms. Miss you all and hope to see you again soon. Sophie xx

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hi Darcey,
Lovely to hear from you! It sounds like you did some great scavenging in the woods and have made a very welcoming home for the bugs. Let us know if you get any guests in the hotel soon!
It sounds like you are prepared for VE day tomorrow, how lovely that you are going to have a garden party I am sure you will have lots of fun. Mrs Rogerson and I are going to celebrate in our homes as well with flags and bunting.
Face time is a great way to keep in touch with all of your family, I bet you make their day when you call and share your smiles and laughter.
Take care Darcey and enjoy your weekend :)
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hi Sophie,
You will have to bring your flag book to school when we are back. I am really interested in flags as well. Can I set you a little challenge? Can you find out which country's flag is the only one that is not rectangular or square in shape? Let me know if you find out the answer!
It is completely understandable that you feel sad sometimes but it sounds like your mum has found lots of ways to make you happy, I hope everyone stops and listens when you ring the bell :)
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend with your family Sophie and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Jude Graham wrote:

Hi Everyone

I enjoyed collecting stuff from the garden for maths T2 and playing Simon says with my brother, We had a yummy bbq and went for a walk to the damn I walked in the stream with my brother.

Missing everyone

See you soon

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Mrs Webster wrote:

Hi Jude,
Thank you for your message, it sounds like you are still keeping busy and having lots of fun. Simon says is a great game. Did you win? Walking in the stream sounds very refreshing. Make sure you look where you are stepping though, you never know what's in the water.
Next time you send me a message will look for the blog that has FW on it so that I see it straight away.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Mrs Webster

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