Hello FPR 20.5.20

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 8:05am

Good morning

How are you all on the glorious sunny morning!  Outside is so colourful at the moment, if you go out for a walk or in your garden have a look out for all the colours you can see.  There are so many flowers now and they are so pretty.

We hope you have been enjoying the home learning work.  Let us know how you have been getting on by replying to this blog.

Take care and we hope to hear from you soon

Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai


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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello everyone, two fairies have moved into my memory garden and they have their own fairy tree house. They are called Phoebe and Pearl. Yesterday, I painted rocks to put in the garden. I painted bumblebees and ladybirds and Mum painted a frog rock. I am busy writing sentences today and sticking some pictures into my school book.
I'm going to have lunch in a minute and then an ice lolly. Enjoy the sunshine. Love Sophie xx

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hello Sophie
What a beautiful day it has been, I bet you enjoyed that ice lolly!
I love the names you have chosen for your fairies. Are they enjoying their fairy tree house?
It sounds like you and mummy have been very busy, I especially like your painting rocks activity. I think I would paint a butterfly on my rock.
Keep enjoying your time outdoors Sophie.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Darcey Bannaghan wrote:

Good morning everyone
I have made my junk animal this week which I loved. I got lots of boxes and painted them and we stuck them together with glue. It got quite messy 😀. Yesterday afternoon we went for a bike ride then I went in my paddling pool with my Barbie's. It was so hot. We then had a barbecue and melted marshmallows round the fire pit. I loved it. Hope you are all well X X x

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hi Darcey,
It sounds like you are having a lovely week. What type of junk animal did you make?
My boys have had the paddling pool out in our garden too, a great way to cool down in the hot weather!
Ooh melted marshmallows yummy, you lucky girl! Whose job was it to toast those on the barbecue?
Keep having fun in the sunshine Darcey :)
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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