Hello FPR 18.5.20

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 8:14am

Good morning everyone

Did you all have a nice weekend?  What did you get up to?  Blog us and let us know.  I had a nice weekend, yesterday we took our boat down to the river it was lovely.  We stoppped off for a picnic and saw lots of duckling, they were very cute.   Mrs Pillai tells me she has had a nice weekend, she went on a bike ride through the woods which her boys really enjoyed.

We hope you enjoy the home learning activities we have put on for you this week.  Dont forget to blog us and let us know how you are getting on.

Take care


Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai


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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson, I've had a lovely weekend. I gave my Mummy a baby dolly to look after and cuddle. I saw cats around my garden - Dad took pictures on his phone. Once one cat came the others came and chased each other.
I've done my patterns work on the computer and my caterpillar picture. Mrs Old Socks (aka Mum) has kept me busy today but I wanted to play with my babies and pram.
I will write again soon. Love Sophie xx

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Ariya Jones wrote:

Hi Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai,

It was my birthday on Thursday and we had a Zoom party so I could see my friends on Mummy's computer. I had a unicorn cake, jam sandwiches and party rings. After we spoke to my friends on the computer, I had a dance party in the garden with my brother Oliver and my Mummy. When our step-sister came home the next day, we had a birthday takeaway meal all together and I had a special treat, a Ferraro Rocher milkshake - yum yum! I got a new big girl bike for my birthday so we have been on lots of bike rides over the weekend and we fed the ducks on the canal.
Today I did the phonics lesson 'ure', some adding and taking away for Maths, handwriting practice and the music wordsearch. I'm doing some dot-to-dots as well.
Hope you're staying safe.
Love from Ariya xxx

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Mrs Rogerson wrote:

Hello Sophie

It sounds like you have had a nice weekend. I bet Mrs Old Socks is a good teacher and I'm sure she liked looking after your baby.
Well done for doing the caterpillar and the patterns work. Keep it up.
Take care
Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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Mrs Rogerson wrote:

Happy birthday Ariya xx

It sounds like you had a lovely day. Your unicorn cake sounds delicious!
Wow a big girls bike, I bet you are super fast.
Your birthday party sounds nice. A special zoom party. We have been having lots of zoom parties as well. Its great that we can still keep in touch with our friends and families.
Well done with your phonics and Maths, keep up the good work!
Take care
Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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