Good Morning Reception 26.02.21

Date: 25th Feb 2021 @ 6:06pm

Good morning Reception,

We have loved receiving all your emails this week and looking at the super work you are all producing. 

Later today you have a lesson which talks about the signs of springtime. Spring is such a lovely time of year, we love spotting baby lambs in the fields and seeing chicks at the farm. Baby animals are so cute aren't they?

Do you have a favourite animal? You might like to let us know what it is and why you like it.

Have a lovely Friday.

Love Mrs Pillai, Mrs Webster and Mrs Rogerson

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Jake stanier wrote:

I love spotting the baby ducklings on the canal and I enjoy feeding them 🐥

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Oliver Fielding wrote:

Turtles are my favourite animals. I like them because they are green and cute.

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Alexandra Morris wrote:

I like baby lambs too because they’re so fluffy and cute!

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Emily Bertram wrote:

My favourite animals are horses since you can ride them.

Emily x

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Oliver McGhee wrote:

My favourite animal is an elephant, when I've been to Chester zoo I have seen baby elephants there! I love how they drink water using their trunks to suck it up and put it in their mouths.

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Archie Schietaert wrote:

Good Morning Everyone

My favourite animal is Annie my dog. Love Archie xx

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Ava Betts wrote:

My favourite animals are pandas and koala bears. I like them because they look cute and cuddly.

Love Ava

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Erin Barnes wrote:

Hi everyone,

My favourite animal is a sheep because they have wool all over them and then the farmers have to cut it all off,

Have a lovely weekend,

Erin x

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Emily Wood wrote:

I love dogs! They are my favourite animal because they are soft and my dog is funny he makes me laugh.
Emily Wood

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Isabella wrote:

Good Morning Everyone,

Oh yes I love spring.... birds singing, the lighter evenings, things starting to grow in the garden. My favourite animal is a Giraffe because I like the markings and the way it can eat the leaves on the trees with its long neck.

Love Isabella x

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Theo Slaven wrote:

My favourite animal is a dog because I like it when they lick people and they’re cute.
Love Theo

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Malcolm Shenton wrote:

I like lions, tigers & cows. I like cows because Grandad has them. I like lions & tigers because they roar like dinosaurs.
Love Malcolm.

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Reception in school wrote:

We have had a good chat about our favourite animals this morning. There are so many different ones that we can't list them all.
Happy Friday!

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Annabelle Stanier FW wrote:

I love all animals especially giraffes :)

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Millie Hallows wrote:

Yes, definitely, it’s a giraffe because I like it’s long neck!
My second favourite animal is a lion because I like that it goes rrrooooar!
Love Millie

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Leo wrote:

Hi Everyone,

My favourite animals are cows, my Uncle and Auntie used to live on a farm so I would help look after the cows.

Love Leo

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Catherine wrote:

My favourite animal is horses. I like that they run very fast and it's really cute when they neigh.

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Layla Guinane wrote:

Morning everyone,

My favourite animal is a baby chick because they a so little and fluffy and I think they are very cute!

Love Layla

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Mila Mitchell wrote:

I like Tigers because I like their stripes!
Love Milaxxxxxxx

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Leif wrote:

I love chicks 🐥 as they are soft, fluffy and so cute.
Lots of love
Leif xx

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Albie wrote:

I love baby giraffes, I saw some at chester zoo last summer. Giraffes have blue tongues that's so funny.

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