Good morning FW 18.5.20

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 8:18am

Good morning everybody,

What a lovely morning it is this morning. I hope you all get a chance to go outside and enjoy it for part of the day. I have been doing lots of reading at home and have bought my family lots of new books. Have you all been listening to stories and reading some books? There are some ideas on your home learning sheet of things to read. I would love to hear from you about what your most favourite story is that you have heard. 

I hope you enjoy your learning activities this week. Keep in touch.

Mrs Webster

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Charlie Messenger wrote:

Hello Mrs Webster

I have been reading the farmyard tales books, I have enjoyed reading Elmer and the Hungry caterpillar. I had some hungry caterpillars that were in a little pot we watched them grow into butterflies and released them into our garden. We are going to look for some butterflies on our walk this afternoon. Today I am going to be playing bingo with my Grandma and Grandad on Zoom, I hope I win the chocolate prize.

Miss you all lots

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Poppy Wallis wrote:

I have two stories every night. My favourite story at the moment is The Elf Chase. Its a
Christmas story but I love it. This week I am going to get a paddling pool because the weather is going to be sunny. My flowers are growing in the tubs in the garden. Mummy and me are getting a new house. We are going to decorate it before we move in. Joshua from Mrs Rogerson's class lives in the house opposite mine. Grandad is gardening at my new house so I am going to see it again today. I love my new bedroom. Its going to be blue, sparkly around the windows and I will also have a play room.

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Mrs Webster wrote:

Hi Charlie and Poppy,
It's lovely to hear from you both again. I love Elmer and the Hungry Caterpillar too but I haven't heard of the elf story. Sometimes we read Christmas stories too.

Charlie it sounds like your caterpillars were fun to watch. We have had them in school before and sometimes they are having such a nice time in their little home that they don't want to fly away! Maybe you could paint a picture of your favourite butterfly. They can be very colourful and have lots of lovely patterns.
Did you win your game of bingo? You will have to let me know what your chocolate prize was.

Poppy your new house sounds lovely. What a beautiful bedroom you are going to have. Having a playroom is good too because you don't always have to tidy your toys up. I think you might be very excited about it. I cant wait to hear more.

Take care and keep in touch,
Mrs Webster

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Amelia Murray wrote:

Hello Mrs Webster, I am missing being at school and seeing all of my friends.
I am going to make some perfume today with my mummy from flowers, I hope it smells good.
Also, my daddy is helping me to ride my bike, I am getting very good.
I have done lots of learning too and I am getting very good at adding and subtracting using the math link cubes.
Hope you are well
Amelia Murray

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Max Preston wrote:

Hello Mrs Webster.

Today I have read my book "six of us" aswell as practicing my curly letters in my neat writing. I mainly enjoyed doing my maths test as I got 10 out of 10. So now I'm going for a walk to get some exercise and some sweets. See you soon, from Max.

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Adrian Baranski wrote:

Hello Mrs.Webster, I went out to the garden today and found a snail, then I have made him a grass house- I put some grass and leaves into the box, then sprayed a little bit of water and put the snail into it. I think he liked his new home, because I saw him coming out of his shell, stretching and moving tentacles, then mummy read to me about snails and I have learned few interesting facts. After we finish, I put the snail back where I found him. I have also been doing a lot of drawing and writing today :)

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Mrs Webster wrote:

Hi Amelia, Max and Adrian,

It's lovely to hear from you all. I hope you are all well and it certainly sounds like you have been keeping very busy at home. You are all working hard, keeping your brains working well and sound like you are getting lots of exercise too.

Amelia, making perfume with flowers sounds like so much fun! You will have to let me know how it turns out and what it smells like. I'm sure you will soon be whizzing around on your bike too, but make sure you wear your helmet!

Max, 10 out of 10 Well done! You are working hard and exercising too. I hope that you make sure you are brushing your teeth well after eating your sweets! It's good to have a treat. :)

Adrian, it sounds like you have had great fun looking after the snail and making sure it is safe. I'm glad you put it back where you found it, that's very important to do. What was your favourite snail fact that you found out?

Take care all of you and keep in touch,
Mrs Webster

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