Funny Bones!

Date: 7th Oct 2015 @ 3:50pm

Well done for doing lots of reading at home! smiley

Have you read any non-fiction books relating to our topic Funny Bones?

Have you found any interesting facts about our skeleton or our muscles?


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skeltons!! wrote:

Skeltons have 206 bones also if you drink calcium.I have broken a bone on my arm.

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about calsem wrote:

calsem helps your bones staiy stong

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Bones wrote:

Bones need calcium to stay strong. You need to run to keep your legs strong. If you woodent have a spine you woodent be able to walk.

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All about bones wrote:

We have found out some facts about bones that are skull is like a helmet and are spine sends mesages thoght it to other bones and milk has 70 bits of calcimun

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bodybones!!! wrote:

calciam helps your mucles grow strong.Your body has 206 bones and your heat lives in your rib cage.SAM&NICOLE&BEN.

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206 bones wrote:

there is 206 bones in your body and bones give you your shape. your heart is kept in a rib cage. by sophie and caitlin in 3D.

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info about bones-by Phoebe,Emma and Kira wrote:

We have 206 bones and if we didn`t have any we would fall down.

poppy drinkwater wrote:

That was one of my favourite lessons last year in year 3

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Daisy DiPonio wrote:

your bones help you to stand and if you didn't have bones you would be like jelly because if you didn't have a skeleton you would be very flat like a carpet and your skeliton has 206 bones in it.

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Bodyboes wrote:

You have 206 bones in your body

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Fraser wrote:

The brain sends messages down to your muscles to make them move.

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Megan farmer wrote:

I have read lots of funny bone books Me and my sister would read them for ages we really liked them

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