5B Zoom Blog 18.05.2020

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 9:32am

Good morning 5B, 

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing our weekly zoom sessions. It is so nice to see all your smiley faces! 

Our zoom sessions will be at 11am on a Monday (Group A), Tuesday (Group B), Wednesday (Group C) or Thursday (Group D). Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the email with all the relevant information on.

This week our zoom session will start with a maths starter. We will then have a character debate and read more of our text Mythical Beasts and Fabulous Monsters by Tomothy Knapman. This is a story based on Viking myth and legend! Two young Vikings seek to feed their people with fish but risk becoming a meal for the terrible Kraken. What can you remember about the text? Can you think of 2 key points to summarise chapter 1? What are the names of the characters you've already been introduced to? 

When you join the meeting, you will see the maths questions on the screen, so you can be answering these questions, whilst we wait for everyone to join. We will then quickly mark your answers and start our character debate. In our reading session, we will use our retrieval skills to support our answers and device our own point, evidence and explanation style question verbally. 

You will need to bring a pen and a piece of paper to your zoom session. Also at the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share any news and a piece of your work (if you want to) so have that ready just in case. 

Please remember to position your camera so we can see your head and shoulders clearly. To make sure that we have a successful Zoom session you must ensure that you:

  • Are respectful, polite and considerate of others at all times.
  • Listen carefully to the teacher and what others say.
  • Wait for your teacher to un-mute you.
  • Do not try and distract other children in the session (e.g. by pulling a silly face).
  • Do not change your background because this can distract other children.
  • Do not capture anything on the screen.
  • Do not leave the session unless you absolutely have to.

If you display poor behaviour, you will receive a warning. If this continues, your video and microphone will be disabled, and you may not be able to re-join the session.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon! smiley

Mrs Berry 

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Daniel wrote:

Hi guys I really enjoyed the zoom lesson because I got to know that my friends are all ok.

Stay safe

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Mrs Berry wrote:

Hi Daniel,

I'm glad you enjoyed today's zoom call. Like you I really enjoy seeing everyone and hearing what you've been up to. Thank you for sharing your balloon car with us!

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Berry

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Eva Williams wrote:

my 9th tooth came out yesterday

Ollie W wrote:

Wow that’s amazing. Did it hurt?

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Tom woods wrote:

Hi it’s toms mum,
He mentioned last week about not knowing about a mythical beast text.
He’s not missed any zoom chats so he’s puzzled about this. And It looks like you are taking about this again today.

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Ollie W wrote:

Hi I really enjoyed the Zoom today. I loved Dylans bit at the end! :D

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Eva Williams wrote:

yes it did, a lot

here is my super hero chapter 1 :

It was a tense moment .The tigers were going to win .But then the tigers swung and BOOM the y had won the baseball game!
"WHOOHOO!"Aden shouted. Meanwhile his mum was downstairs washing the dishes she got a bit of a fright from him shouting and clung two pots together
"Aden" Sara which was his mums name screamed at the top of her voice "Get down here now it is a beautiful day outside!"
Aden knew his mum would be angry so he turned his iPad off and went downstairs. When he got down he asked his mum if he could go to the beach (since they were in America and their beach house was a 5 minute walk from the house) Sara told him : "yes you need to get some exercise today so please ." He ran upstairs but in his path was his anoying little sister (well in his case),her name was Olivia and like her brother never perfect since the argue all the time,.
"So I heard you were going to the beach,"Olivia said cockily
" Want to come with you"Olivia explained boastfully.
"No way you 9 and I'm 15" Aden exclaimed suddenly
"Mu-"Olivia shouted
"Okay okay fine I'll take you " Aden quietened his sister down.
"what sweetie" Their mum said whilst spluttering on some dust (she was dusting)
" Nothing mum" Olivia shouted excitedly whilst giving her brother a fake smile.
'Why did I agree to bring her?' Aidan thought whilst walking upstairs and grabbing what he needed.
They came back downstairs and said goodbye to their Mom and she said :
'Your'e going together? Wow it looks like all my shouting actually taught you something!'
'What?' Aidan said confused.
'To be kind to one another, now go, the beach won't be open all day' their Mom said.

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Ella wrote:

Hi guys, these are my first and second paragraphs :)

It was a normal day in 5020. Tsunami had rescued a cat from a shark, flown to Antarctica and fed fish-based-chocolate-cake to her pet pufferfish, Phillip.

"Life is so boring," she moaned to Phillip, " I wish there was more to do!" Phillip bubbled in confusion, Tsunami agreed and floated over to her Psychological-heated-over-new-technology or P.H.O.N.E (her phone)

Hope your all okay :D

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