5B Blog 29.06.2020

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 9:02am

Good morning 5B!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. smiley

Your new home learning overview can be found on our class page. Simply go to 'Class Pages'; choose 5B and scroll down until you see 'Files to Download' - 'Year 5 Home Learning wb 29.06.20'. Have a look through all of the activities. If you have any questions, please reply to this blog or use Purple Mash 2Email. 

This week, you will be looking at a famous poem called 'The Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. 'Jabberwocky' is a nonsense poem about the killing of a creature named 'the Jabberwock.' I can’t wait to read your poems in the style of Lewis Carroll! I think this week you will all really enjoy the Art task experimenting with different textures using different drawing techniques.

I can't wait to see you all on zoom again this week. Take a look at the zoom blog for details about this lesson and a little task to do beforehand. 

Finally, thank you for sharing your work on our class blog and via Purple Mash. I really do enjoy hearing from you and reading your amazing work!

I hope you all have a lovely week. 

Take care,

Mrs Berry

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Jack M wrote:

Good Afternoon everyone,
I have a bit of a question about one of the history tasks.
On History Task 1, it says on the questions to find the answers to that its talking about 1 god. Im not sure which one it is though as the Mayans had lots of gods.
Hope you can help,
Stay Safe,
Jack M

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Ollie W wrote:

Hi everyone
Hope you are all ok and had a good weekend.
I'm excited about the jabberwocky work. It makes no sense!!

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Mrs Berry wrote:

Hi Jack,

To complete task 1 you need to read pages 23-25 of the home learning document and then answer the questions at the bottom of page 25. There are four questions and they are in text boxes.

I hope this helps Jack.

Mrs Berry

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Mrs Berry wrote:

Hi 5B,

A little help with English lesson 2.

Word retrieved from the poem Word 1 Word 2
brillig brilliant morning
frabjous fabulous joyous
galumph gallop triumph
mimsy miserable f _ _ _ _ _
slithy slimy l _ _ _ _
chortled chuckled s _ _ _ _ _ _

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Maisy-Rose wrote:

Hi Everyone

I have done my nonsense poem, please read below.

The dog on the moon

Daisy the dog floated up high with a balloon
Her eyes went huig at the sight of the moon
She boirled about all the way up high
She was flabocked to find herself beyond the sky

WOW! What a great place for Daisy to play
There was no colour here the place was grey
She juounced around and ate ice cream
Suddenly the balloon popped Daisy woke up – it was just a dream

boirled = bounced and twirled
huig = huge and big
flabocked = flabbergasted and shocked
juounced = jumped and bounced

Maisy Rose

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Ollie W wrote:

Hi everyone,
This is my nonsense poem. It is about a werewolf called Jitter Jabber and his change from werewolf to man. I got the idea from Harry Potter.

The Jitter Jabber

The Jitter Jabber in the ging gang wood
Went jalloping through the night
All eyes looked bright and loopin’
his teeth sprinkled and sparkled

The moon sang, the clouds danced
As the Jitter Jabber lumbered on
It humphed and hooed
And stood a while in thought

It shuddered and shaped to a Mina Man
Eyes cried and legs stretched
The Jitter Jabber meeped and morphed
And strolled upon the binkely ding dang

The Jitter Jabber in the ging gang wood
Went jalloping through the night
All eyes looked bright and loopin’
All teeth sprinkled and sparkled

By Oliver Warren

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Daniel wrote:

Hi everyone,
Here is my nonsense poem. It is about a creature called the Dragilla, who is being hunted by a wunter (warrior/hunter).

The Dragilla

Deep in the worest on top of a treave
Lived a mysterious beachure called the Dragilla
He was sloozing and snowling in his dase
Dreaming of victest.

Meanwhile in the calace
A wunter was plonning and plemming
How to bannoy this beachure with grighty stower
To shoove the koble he was loyless.

The wunter set out on his quission to ferch for the beachure
But the Dragilla hearden his footsteps
He plived down and shrorded the wunter to pieces
His rarlet blood sprirting over the worest groor.

By Daniel

Here are some of my nonsense words:
Dragilla = dragon, gorilla
Worest = forest, wood
Treave = tree, leaves
Beachure = beast, creature
Sloozing = sleep, snoozing
Plemming = planning and scheming
Grighty = great, mighty
Stower = strength, power
Loyless = loyal, fearless
Quission = quest, mission

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Daniel wrote:

Hi guys I hope your having a wonderful week I am rally missing you.Hope I can see you soon.
Stay Safe

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