1P Monday 8th June

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 8:17am

Good morning 1P! I hope you are all well. Have you had a nice weekend?

You can see your new activities for this week on our class page. Scroll down to 'Files to Download' on our class page and you will see it. Look carefully for this week's date. I really hope you enjoy the activities on there.

This week we are looking at Tiddler. I can't wait to hear some of the sentences you come up with. Reply to this blog to tell me some of the sentences you have come up with to describe the front cover!

The other thing I'd love to know, is what have you all been reading? I have been lots of Hairy Maclary stories with my children. It's a favourite in my house!

Just to give you an update on my sunflowers... I have repotted some of them to give them more room to grow. I can't believe how quickly they are growing now! There is a picture for you to look at below, along with another plant which has started growing. Can you tell what plant it is? I'll give you a clue - it's a type of food.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all,

Mrs Parker smiley

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Joshua Lees wrote:

Hello Mrs Parker
I am trying so hard with the online work this week. I miss you and can't wait to go back school to see all my friends too. I am enjoying the toddler story it is really good my favourite bit is when he's late for school and all the excuses he comes up with.
Joshua Lees

Joshua lees wrote:

I meant tiddler

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Joshua, lovely to hear from you!
I'm glad you are trying hard with the work - keep it up!
I miss everybody at school and hopefully we will see everyone soon.
I like the story Tiddler too! Which is your favourite excuse? Have you read any other stories?
Mrs Parker :)

Joshua lees wrote:

My favourite excuse is when he's locked in a treasure chest. I have been reading marvel books I really like them

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George yearsley wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker , hope you had a lovely weekend.
I enjoy reading Tiddler and reading all his excuses for being late. I enjoy Julia Donaldson books i have just read the smartest giant in town.
Are the seeds growing runner beans as they look alittle like what my grandma plants in her garden ?
Missing everyone
Love George 😀

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi George, it's great to hear from you!
I love Julia Donaldson books - and I know Mr Swift does too. I really like the Highway Rat. It's a favourite in my house.
A good guess about my seeds! But they are not runner beans - I have those growing in a different part of my garden. I shall take a picture of my runner bean plants and put it on next week's blog for you.
I am missing everyone too!
Mrs Parker :)

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James Alderley wrote:

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone one is good?

I've been doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning. I really enjoy it.

I Skype chat with my Grandad every Sunday. I write him a quiz.

I like the story of Tiddler. My favourite part of the story is when he finds his way home. It's sad when he gets lost. I think the excuses are funny. My favourite is when he is riding a seahorse.

I'm really looking forward to coming back to school. See you all soon.

Love James xxxx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi James, it's great to hear from you!
I'm glad you have kept active - it's very important. Well done and keep it up!
It is lovely that you chat with your Grandad every week - I am sure he looks forward to it every week too. What sort of quiz questions do you ask him?
I think the story of Tiddler is quite funny. I can't imagine children coming into our school saying they had been riding a seahorse!
I'm very glad you are looking forward to coming back to school. Keep up the hard work James :)
Mrs Parker :)

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Niamh wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker,
Your plants are looking really good, I hope that they still grow even in the rain.
Tiddler is a fun book to read; The cover of the book is full with fish and shiny treasure. There is a sneaky shark, as scary as can be and he has sharp teeth to catch dinner for his family. I have been reading the Twits this week, it is a very funny story and the 2 people in the book are not kind to each other.
This week I have been for a 5 mile walk with my daddy and sister, I really enjoyed it but when I tried to get my sisters wellie boot out of a big puddle I fell into it and got soaked. The last bit of the walk was less fun with my boots and clothes full of muddy water.
Miss you all,

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Niamh, it's lovely to hear from you!
My plants are doing very well thank you! They have grown even bigger during this week! I'm looking forward to sharing another picture on next week's blog.
Tiddler is funny. I love your sentences which you have written. I bet you could write lots about the setting of the story too. The Twits is a great book, I hope you are enjoying it.
I'm glad to hear you have been keeping active - a big well done for a 5 mile walk! That's amazing! Did your sister walk all the way too? I'm sure you were happy to get clean and dry when you got home!
Keep up the hard work Niamh.
Mrs Parker :)

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Charlie wrote:

Hi everyone
I have enjoyed the Tiddler work this week. I think it looks like a happy place to be. There is a box full of shiny golden treasure. The blue sea has lots of colourful creatures and stripy fish.
I've really loved telling the time this week too. I'm getting better at doing the numbers in the right places.
Have a good weekend everyone 🙂
Love Charlie x

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Charlie, it's great to hear from you!
I'm very glad you have enjoyed the Tiddler work this week. I love your sentences - I really like 'colourful creatures' and 'shiny golden treasure'. Lovely choice of adjectives!
Telling the time is tricky sometimes, so well done for working hard!
Keep it up Charlie :)
Mrs Parker

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