1P Monday 1st June

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 8:35am

Hi 1P!

How are you all? I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather! I'm really missing every one of you so please ask a grown up to help you reply to this blog. Your new activities are on the class page. Scroll down to 'Files to Download' on our class page and you will see it. Look carefully for this week's date. I really hope you enjoy the activities on there.

This week, I'd love to know about Paddington Bear! What can you tell me about him? Where does he come from? What does he look like? Towards the end of the week, you might like to share some of your sentences!

Just an update on my sunflowers... they've started growing! Have a look at the photo below!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

Mrs Parker smiley

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Charlie wrote:

Hi everyone,
I have enjoyed my week in the sunshine, playing in the garden and in my pool and going for walks. I'm ready to start learning again now. 🙂
I love the Paddington bear movies. He is a lovely bear that keeps an emergency marmalade sandwich under his big red hat.
I hope you have all had a lovely week.

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Charlie, lovely to hear from you!
I spent a lot of time in the garden too. I'm very glad the weather has been nice.
I love the Paddington Bear movies! I have watched them a few times with my family over the last few weeks!
Have you had a look at the activities for this week? Which ones are you looking forward to?
Mrs Parker :)

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George yearsley wrote:

Hello, hope you had a nice week off?
I had a good week in the sun i played outside alot and we went for a walk along the canal and we saw a sweetshop boat so we had some sweets then we walked and saw a swan with her baby ducklings. We then walked down the alleyway by school to go to my grandmas and grandads to talk outside with them. It was sad to see noone in the playground at school.
I lost another top tooth whilst we have been off and the tooth fairy visited me again 😀
I enjoy paddington and watched it last week again. He is a nice bear who has a big red hat and loves marmalade sandwiches he even keeps one in his hat.
Love George

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi George, lovely to hear from you!
I had a lovely week thank you. I'm glad you did too. I also spent a lot of time outside. I'm happy the weather has been nice. It definitely feels like summer!
It sounds like the tooth fairy is very busy. I wonder who else the tooth fairy has paid a visit to?
I have watched the Paddington Bear films over the last few weeks! I think he is a clumsy bear as well as nice.
Have you had a look at the activities for this week? Which ones are you looking forward to?
Mrs Parker :)

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Josh McConnell wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker :-)
How are you? I've really been enjoying the warm weather and spent lots of time in our garden with my little brother Jack. The weather has turned a bit rainy now though! Your sunflowers are looking great. We planted some cress seeds in an egg shell which I drew a face on. Now that the cress has started to grow it looks like the egg head has hair!! My Dad calls him Cresstopher!
Paddington Bear comes from Peru, he is very kind and loves marmalade sandwiches! I have really enjoyed doing the science work this week.
I was feeling a bit shy about coming back to school but after talking to my Mum and Dad about it I am really looking forward to coming back and feel excited about it now!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
Love Josh xx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Joshua, lovely to hear from you!
I'm very well thank you. I hope you are too. I'm glad to hear you are looking forward to going back to school.
I was happy this morning when it was raining, as it was watering the plants, but I'd like some sunshine again now!
What a lovely idea to go cress in an egg shell. I may have a go at that in the next couple of weeks. I like the name your Dad has given him! :)
I think Paddington is kind too. Although I do remember when he slipped on the table at the snack bar at the start of the story and so I think he is a little clumsy too! Do you remember that part as well?
Mrs Parker :)

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Niamh wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker,
I hope you are okay and thank you for my report. Your sunflowers look really good and I think they will grow very tall. Did you get my suncatcher rainbow? I have enjoyed learning at home with my Mummy and Daddy but I am missing seeing everyone at school.
Paddington comes from Peru like my friend Shirley, she gave me a traditional hat as a present when she went to visit her mum.
I have been enjoying the sunshine and have been playing with my sister, making obstacle courses, crafting and growing strawberries that are really tasty.
I can't wait to come back to school and see everyone.
Love Niamh

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Niamh, lovely to hear from you!
I am very well thank you and I hope you and your family are too.
I did get the suncatcher rainbow, thank you very much! I bet you enjoyed making it.
It sounds like you have been very busy at home. It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. I have some strawberries growing too, although I think the slugs like them a bit too much - they keep being eaten outside.
I'm glad you are looking forward to going back to school.
Paddington does come from Peru. Can you remember how he got to London?
Mrs Parker :)

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James Alderley wrote:

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all okay?

Paddington is a little small bear from Peru. He got his name from the train station he was found at. He is brown, wears a red hat and a blue coat. He likes to eat marmalade sandwiches and even hides one under his hat. He has an aunt called Lucy. Paddington lives with the Brown family.

My sunflower has grown so big its taller than my mummy! I planted it in a old carboard tube at the library in March.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.
James xxxxxx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi James, lovely to hear from you!
I am very well thank you. I hope you are too. I remember Paddington being at Paddington station. He had a label on him didn't he? Can you remember what it said?
Wow! Your sunflower sounds like it's doing very well. Mine will take a long time to catch up I think!
I'm glad you are looking forward to seeing everybody.
Mrs Parker :)

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Caleb bratherton wrote:

Hi everyone
I had a really nice week off. We went for lots of walks on the field near our house. I played football with my daddy and little sister. I helped my mummy do some gardening aswell.
I have lost my first tooth and have got another wobbly one.
This week I have enjoyed science the most learning about different materials and drawing different things from my kitchen. I've loved writing about paddington bear and writing what he took to his picnic. Miss everyone
Love caleb

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Caleb, lovely to hear from you!
I'm glad you had a lovely week off. It was lovely weather to be able to enjoy going outside.
More teeth falling out! It seems to be happening to lots of children.
Other children have enjoyed the Science work too. I'd love to see some of your sentences you wrote about Paddington's picnic. What food did he eat?
Mrs Parker :)

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