1P Monday 15th June

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 8:11am

Good morning everybody! I hope you are all well and that you have had a lovely weekend.

Your new activities for this week are on our class page. Scroll down to 'Files to Download' on our class page and you will see it. Look carefully for this week's date. I really hope you enjoy the activities on there.

This week we are looking at the story of The Snail and the Whale. I'd love to know what you think about the story and I'm excited to read your sentences that you write too.

I have attached some pictures of my sunflowers - they are growing quickly now! And the other plants are.... peas! I am growing some pea plants and they are growing well too. Can you see the picture where you can see the roots growing down below the seed?

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Mrs Parker :)

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Josh McConnell wrote:

Hello Mrs Parker
I had a lovely weekend and week so far, although I'm not a big fan of the thunder we have had!
I like the story of the snail and the whale, my favourite part is when the snail saves the whale. I've also really enjoyed doing my design & technology work.
I'm looking forward to coming back to school and can't wait to see you and all of my friends.
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!
Josh xx

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Joshua,
I'm really glad to hear you had a lovely weekend. I have enjoyed watching the storms from inside my house.
I like the story of The Snail and the Whale too. I think it is lovely when the snail gets help to save the whale.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone too. Not too long now!
Mrs Parker :)

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Charlie wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker,
On the picture of the snail and the whale, the orange crab is sitting next to pink flowers.
The tiny snail is on the pointy edge of the whales tail. The colourful parrot is flying over the blue sea. Two yellow fish are jumping next to the big whale.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week 🙂
Love charlie

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Charlie,
You have written some great sentences! I like the adjectives you have chosen to use too. It gives me a lovely picture in my head.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone too. It won't be long!
Mrs Parker :)

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