Speaking and Listening Games

Here are some fun actvities that your child may enjoy.

Play a favourite board game:

Headbands  -  who am I / what am I  (could use post its)

Simon Says…

Eye Spy

Guess Who?


Easter egg hunt: Ask a grown up to give you clues to find some chocolate treasure!


Family story fun: Make up a fun story together, as a family. Put everyone in order to take turns. Each person takes turns to tell/make up a section, developing the story further. An object (pebble/ball) could be used for the speaker. Only speak when you have the object!

To make the game a bit more tricky, give each person a list of random/interesting words. As the pebble or object is passed on to the next person, tell them one word from the list to include in the next person’s turn.


Listen and draw One person gives verbal instructions to another so they can draw a picture. You could use simple shapes to draw a person, house, flower, rocket or animal.


Image result for speaking and listening drawing game


Draw what you hear: Ask an an adult or older sibling to read a small passage from a book. You then draw the scene or character using information you have heard.


Speaking and listening outdoor fun for two or more players.

One person gives a sequence of moves. Start simple and add one extra move one each time. For example:

Do three jumps and two star jumps.

Touch your head, then your toes and put your hands on your hips.

Take turns to give the sequence of moves so that each person gets a chance of speaking and listening

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