PE Remote Learning

For this week's PE lesson you can choose the activities that you would like to complete. You will need to choose a warm up to complete before you complete any of the activities.



Warm ups (choose 1 to complete)

Warm-up 1 - Follow the video to warm up whilst practising your 3 times tables.

Warm-up 2 - Follow the video to complete the warm up. For this warm up you will need a stopwatch or similar timer.

Warm-up 3 - Follow the video to warm up whilst practising your 8 times tables.

Warm-up 4 - Follow the video to get yourself warmed up and ready to complete your challenge.

Warm-up 5 - Follow the video to get yourself warmed up and ready to complete your challange.

Warm-up 6 - Follow the video to get yourself warmed up and ready to complete your challenge.


Challenges (choose 2 to complete)

Click on the links to see a demonstration from Mr Holbrooks

Shuttle run - The shuttle run challenge requires you to run the distance between two objects. You might like to use a garden or safe outdoor space to see how many shuttle runs you can complete in one minute.

Tennis racket - Use a tennis racket to see how many times you can bounce the ball before it touches the floor. If you don't have access to a racket, you might like to use a frying pan and a pair of socks!

Keepy up - How many times can you kick a ball before it touches the ground? 

Circuit - Use all four corners of a garden or safe space outdoor to devise your own curcuit. Place a ball in one corner and tennis racket and ball in another. In the third and fourth corners, you will not need any additional equipment. You will be completing star jumps and burpees. Complete the circuit three times. Can you complete it quicker than Mr Holbrooks?

Penalty - How good are your penalty skills? For this challenge, you will need to make a small goal. To do this, place two objects about 2 strides apart. Take a few strides back (more if you're feeling confident) and place the ball on a spot. Aim carefully and strike the ball with either the side, or laces of your trainers. Repeat this until you miss the goal. How many goals can you score?

Throwing and catching - For this challenge, you will need a ball. Position yourself close to a wall of your house (make sure you keep clear of the windows!) Throw the ball against the wall, keeping your eyes on it ready to catch. If you managed to catch the ball, take 1 step back and throw again. Keep repeating this until you drop the ball. How far away from the wall can you stand whilst still being able to catch the ball?


Once finished, email any photographs and scores from your completed challenges to your year group email address. 

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