PE Remote Learning

Here are some fun physical activities to get your body moving and your heart pumping. Try to do at least one a day.

  • Make up a dance to your favourite song. Can you teach it to another member of your family?
  • Play ‘Follow the Leader.’ Who in the family can make up the most energetic actions?
  • Design an obstacle course in the garden (or maybe a smaller version indoors.) Time yourself completing the course- can you speed up?
  • Join your family to do a bit of gardening.
  • Use chalks to make a hopscotch course. How many times can you jump it in a minute? (Ask your parents first!)
  • Practise skipping- can you do single jumps, double jumps, cross body jumps?
  • Help your parents to wash the car- can you clean the inside too?


Joe Wicks - The Body Coach


Cosmic Kids Yoga


Multiflex School Sports (daily challenges 1pm each day) 


AJ & Curtis Pritchard Dance for Sport Relief


NHS – Change 4 Life

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