Outside Learning Ideas

Here are some fun activties to enjoy in the outdoors:

  • Can you build a bridge from recycling materials, plastic, cardboard, boxes etc? Can you make it strong enough to carry your weight?
  • Make a large circle using chalk and carefully write in numbers to make a clock face. In twos, practice making the time. One person being the hour hand, the other the second hand. Can your family guess what time you are making? Tell each other what you do at that time of the day.
  • Caterpillar hunt. Using different colours of wool, including green if possible, cut the wool into a variety of lengths. One person to “hide” their caterpillars in one area and the other person to hide their caterpillars somewhere different. Now swap areas and see if you can all the hidden caterpillars. Which colours were the easiest to find? Were the green easy to find? If not, why?
  • Can you make a treasure hunt with all the clues in a French?
  • Either in your garden or on your daily walk, can you spot something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Again, in your garden or on a walk, take a piece of paper and section it into lots of different colours. How many different things can you spot of each colour?
  • Ask an adult to hang letters on trees or dot them around the garden for you to find. How many words can you make?
  • Place number cards around the garden along with addition and subtraction signs. Working in pairs, one person to make a simple calculation for the other to calculate.
  • Throw a bean bag or ball, others to calculate how far you think it has travelled. Can you use tape measure to find the actual answer?
  • Bean bag challenge. Place a bean bag on your head (or perhaps a small teddy) - can you sit down, stand up, walk, run or jog without it falling off.
  • Adapt ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” to a ‘Sound Hunt.’  How many different sounds can you hear?
  • Have a sensory walk. What can you hear, see and smell in the environment?
  • How about a ‘Great Middlewich insect watch.’ How many different insects can you find? Complete over a week and compare daily results. Does the weather make a difference? Does it make a difference when done at different times of the day?
  • Find something beautiful to draw.  Study it carefully to do the best still life picture you can.
  • Collect natural objects from the garden or on a short walk. Make a spring collage from flowers, leaves etc.
  • Design and make bird feeders or a bug hotel to attract wildlife to your garden.
  • Plant some seeds in a paper cup- if you can’t buy any you could use a seed from a fruit or vegetable e.g. a tomato, cucumber. Watch the seeds grow. When are get big enough you could replanted in a pot for outdoors.
  • Skip your tables! One person to call out a multiplication problem. Others to work it out and perform the correct number of skips.
  • Use an old cereal box or picture from a magazine. Cut it into jigsaw like pieces and piece it back together.

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