Our Curriculum

At Middlewich Primary School we encourage children to develop curiosity and interest in the world around them. Through a creative and investigative curriculum, we make learning exciting and enjoyable. Lessons are enhanced with educational trips, visitors into school, community projects and opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

What do our pupils say about the curriculum at Middlewich Primary School?

"I’ve enjoyed everything so far! I really love this school!” (year 6 pupil)

“I liked going to Nantwich museum…it helped me learn about the Great Fire of London.” (year 2 pupil)

“I like maths it challenges me a lot.” (year 4 pupil)

“I really enjoyed reading Room 13 because I like mystery and fantasy stories.” (year 6 pupil)

“I like working more quickly because you get to learn more things in that year and in the class.” (year 4 pupil)

“I liked the Stone-Age ranger because we got to try new things.” (year 3 pupil)

“I am looking forward to doing Shakespeare and the performance because it will give me a big amount of confidence.” (year 5 pupil)

The children's feedback shows that they have a real enthusiasm and motivation for learning because the curriculum presented to them is engaging, interesting and varied. Our children show a real desire to succeed and they enjoy opportunities to try new things.


Please look at the following documents for further information on our curriculum values and coverage.


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