Home Sports Festival

Home Sports Festival 10th July - 13th July


This year we would like to invite the children to participate in our first Home Sports Festival which will run from Friday to Sunday.

Below are a range of  challenges for you complete- you don't have to do them all but how many can you do?  You might like to complete the activities inside, outside in the garden or at a nearby park. There is also a PDF version for you to print off if you'd like to see how many you can tick off.

We welcome whole family engagement where possible and would love see you in action via tweets to the school’s twitter account @MiddlewichPS. You can also let your teachers know how well you have been doing on the class blogs - look out for the teachers' sports day blogs.

We hope you have lots of fun and we look forward to seeing what you have been doing.


Tennis Racket Challenge How many times can you bounce a ball on a racket before it falls off? You could use a pair of socks and frying pan.

Washing Line Challenge How quickly can you peg 10 socks on a washing line? Every sock must have at least 1 peg holding it to the line. What is your best time out of three goes?

Throw and Clap How many times can you clap between throwing a ball in the air and catching it again? You could use a pair of socks instead of a ball- does this make it easier?

Standing Long Jump How far can you jump from a standing long jump? How many of your foot lengths did you jump? KS2 children, can you measure the length using a tape measure. Who can jump the furthest in your family?

Skipping Challenge KS1 children, how many skips can you do in 30 seconds? KS2- how many skips can you do in one minute? Can you improve your score?

‘Egg and Spoon Race’ You might like to use a potato/an apple on a spoon. How many laps around your garden or living room can you do in a minute without dropping the ‘egg’? Can you have a race with your family? Who is the champion?

The Plank How long can you hold the plank position for? KS1, can you hold a plank for 30 seconds? KS, can you hold a plank for 1 minute?

Chair Challenge How many times can you sit down on a chair and then stand up in one minute? Make the challenge harder by not holding onto the sides. Who can get the highest score in your family.

Book Balancing No hands allowed! How many seconds can you walk for without a book falling off? Could you complete a lap of your garden/living room?

Blindfold Balancing Challenge. Choose your strongest leg, how many seconds can you balance on one leg whilst being blindfolded? You might like to use a tea towel as your blindfold. Are you better on one leg than the other?

Obstacle Race Create on an obstacle course around your living room or garden. Could you design the obstacle course yourself adding easier and more difficult challenges? Can each member of the family complete the race? Who can do it in the quickest time?

Penalty Challenge Take 5 penalties against a member of your family. Who will win the shootout? You might like to use jumpers for goalposts.

Bunny Bounces How many bounces can you do in a minute?

Bike Ride Can you go on a bike ride with your family? Keep safe by always wearing a helmet.

3km/5km Walk or Run Enjoy a family walk- could you try and do one that is about 3-5km long? For an extra challenge, add a run to some parts, or maybe run the whole way!

Dance Challenge Make up a dance routine to a favourite song. Can you teach the dance to someone in your family? Maybe you could perform the dance in your own show! 

Joe Wicks Exercise Many of you have been enjoying PE with Joe. Now could you make up your own Joe Wicks exercise routine and teach it someone at home? Make sure it’s a challenge for everyone!

Mini-match Set up a game of your favourite sport in the garden and have a match with people in your family. You might have a game of football, rugby, rounders, cricket or whatever is your favourite sport.

Tennis Target If you have a tennis racket and ball, set up a game in the garden where you need hit the ball into a target. This could be a bucket, washing up bowl or hula hoop. Maybe the bigger the target the better - at first! As you get more accurate could you make the target smaller?

Yoga The children in school have been enjoying lots of yoga! Could you follow a yoga routine from https://www.cosmickids.com and then demonstrate some of the yoga moves to someone at home.

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