Geography Home Learning

Here are some extra geography ideas that your child may like to complete in addition to their weekly tasks:

  • Draw a map of Middlewich. Add as many landmarks as you can. Create your own key to go with the map.

  • Think about a tourist attraction you have visited (locally, nationally or abroad). Design a leaflet or poster to encourage others to visit.  Make sure you make the place sound very interesting so that it encourages others to visit.

  • If you your parents have a road map (maybe it’s in the car), use it to plan a route from Middlewich to a place you would like to visit. London or Edinburgh perhaps? Which roads will your family have to take? What other town and cities will you pass by?

  • Go on a walk with your family. Make a list of things you see. At home, sort these things into physical (natural) and human (manmade) features.

  • Two main canals flow through Middlewich; The Shropshire Union Canal and The Trent and Mersey Canal. Use a map or the internet to find out more about these canals. Where do they start and end? What towns and cities do they flow through?

  • Middlewich is very close to the M6 motorway. Look on a road map to see where this motorway starts and ends. What towns and cities would you travel through if you drove the entire motorway?

  • Choose a European country that interests you. Maybe you have been there on holiday or you would like to visit there. Design a fact-file about the country including: capital city, currency, head of state, flag, population, major cities, major rives, significant places of interest, countries that it borders.

Please look at the links below for lots of ideas to help your child access enjoyable and educational activities.

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