French Home Learning

Here are some additional French activities that your child may wish to complete:

  • Research famous French artists.  Can you produce a piece of artwork worthy of a place in the Louvre?
  • Imagine you are interviewing a French schoolchild.  What questions could you ask him/her?
  • Draw a picture of an artist’s palette – label the different colours using their French names.
  • Make your own colouring by numbers picture – make a key in French.
  • Research different holidays you could take as a family in France – Where could you go? What could you do? How would you get there?
  • Plot the route of the latest Tour de France on a map.
  • Learn a traditional French song and perform it to your family.

Also, have a look at the links below for further ideas.


Numbers 1 to 20


Colours song (Arc en Ciel)

Days of the week








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