Design and Technology Home Learning

Here are some fun design and technology activities that your child might like to do in addition to their weekly tasks.

  • Build a house using boxes and other materials. Firstly, become an architect and design your house. Draw it and label the boxes or materials you have. It may be an idea to turn the boxes inside out, so they are easier to stick together and paint. You can add details with felt pen when the paint has dried. Finally write about what did and did not go well and what you might do next time to make it even better.


  • Design and build a money box. You’ll need a box or can which you can make a slot in at the top for the money to go in. With an adult decide how to create a flap through which the money box can be opened. Now choose from paints, collage materials, crayons, etc. to decorate it.


  • Design a boat. Select and look at pictures of boats. Notice how different boats have slightly different designs depending on their purpose. Look at the materials that are used for building boats. What could you use at home? Design a boat for a specific purpose (travelling, fishing, exploring), thinking carefully about the materials you could use, the way the boat would travel and how many people would be able to travel in it. Can you make one to sail in your bath?


  • Get ready to cook! Look for some recipes online or in any cookbooks at home. Can you make some tasty treats for you and your family? Try to chose both savoury and sweet treats and follow the recipes step by step making sure you measure the ingredients accurately.


  • Design a healthy snack for your family using ingredients you have at home. Can you write out the recipe and decorate with pictures of your food.


  • Write a menu for a healthy meal. Could you make this at the weekend?


  • Ask a grown up if you can bake bread- there are lots of different varieties you could make. You could also use bread dough to make a pizza base. What toppings could you add?



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