How do I know my child is achieving well at Middlewich Primary School?

High quality assessment is at the heart of good teaching. The better we assess our pupils, the better we teach and consequently the better our pupils learn. It is our aim that every child is challenged and supported in order to succeed and achieve their absolute best.

At Middlewich Primary School, we use our bespoke system of assessment to ensure that your child becomes an effective reader, writer and mathematician and is able to successfully apply their skills widely across the curriculum.

Why do we assess?

Good quality and on-going assessment information provides us with a clear picture of  every child’s achievements. This enables us to:

  • Identify  and value what every child knows, understands and can do
  • Plan for future learning so that pupils have opportunities to consolidate and develop their skills
  • Recognise when a child is, or is not, working to the best of their ability and identify how they will be further supported and/or challenged
  • Track each child’s progress over time
  • Ensure that no child (or particular group of children) is falling behind
  • Judge the effectiveness of our teaching and use this to continually evaluate and refine our practice

Please click below  to find links to:

  • Feedback from a marking questionnaire  we gave to our children- the results were very interesting!

  • Our Assessing Pupil Progress Policy and Practice Guidance

  • Our bespoke English and maths skills expectation sheets for each year group

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