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School reopens on the 7th September 2021

We look forward to welcoming all of our pupils back to school on Tuesday 7th September 2021. 

Below is a reminder of key information needed for the start of school. 


Start of day times

The school gates will open at 8:40 and lessons will begin at 8:50. School will end at 3:10 for those children in key stage 1 with siblings in reception, or 1HW, 1SW, 2S or 2P. Everyone else will finish at 3:20. This includes children in key stage 1 with siblings in key stage 2.

Entry into school

Children will enter through the external classroom doors in 1SW and 2S. In 1HW and 2P entry will be by the large doors on the playground. 3H, 4E, 5T, 5M and 6W will enter through the external doors by the field side of the school. 3S, 4S and 6D will enter by the doors on the playground. Reception children will use the double doors by the main gate.  Children will also leave by the same route. Please be assured that staff will stand by the school doors and direct you if you are unsure.


End of the day arrangements

Following the most recent guidance from the Department of Education, the end of the school day from Tuesday 7th September will be as follows -

EYFS, Y1 & Y2 - finish at 3.15pm

Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 - finish at 3.20pm


School Uniform

From September all children must come into school wearing their school uniform (clearly labelled), including appropriate school shoes. 

School Uniform Webpage 


Children will change for PE lessons as they had done previously so will need to have a complete PE kit, also all named. A list is shown on the school uniform information. This is a very important part of the school curriculum and wearing the correct gear makes a difference both to their ability to take part in the lessons and their attitudes in it.

Please provide a fabric drawstring bag in order to limit the items in the cloakrooms.


Lessons are as follows:

▪ Reception Tuesday and Thursday
▪ 1HW Wednesday and Friday
▪ 1SW Monday and Friday
▪ 2S Wednesday and Friday; 2P Tuesday and Friday
▪ 3H and 3S Wednesday and Thursday
▪ 4E and 4S Tuesday and Friday
▪ 5M and 5T Monday and Thursday
▪ 6W and 6D Thursday and Friday

Hygiene measures

Children will still need to wash or sanitise their hands at frequent points during the day. We will also maintain the enhanced cleaning measures we have put in place across the school as well as making sure all areas are well ventilated. 


We hope that you have all had a s a restful, relaxing and safe summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th September. 

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