Year Two WB Monday 6th July 2020

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 4:31pm

Hello again Year Two!

We hope tou have had a lovely weekend and managed to get ouside inbetween the rain showers. Once again the Home Learning can be found in the usual place. There are only two weeks to go until the summer holidays now so try to do as many of the tasks for this week as you can.

Remember to send us a message on the blog to let us know how tou are and don't forget to go on TT Rockstars every day.

Have a lovely week and keep in touch!

Mr Williamson and Mr Edwards.

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Nathaniel wrote:

Hi everyone,
I've had a good weekend thank you. My big brothers have been around to visit.
Looking forward to football training tonight will be nice to see some of my friends. On Friday we took the afternoon off and went to Formby beach for a stroll. So windy we were sand blasted. I collected some shells, paddled my feet and had a ice cream.
Have a good week everyone.

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Reuben Lang wrote:

Hi Mr Williamson,

I have been doing alot of TT Rockstars and climbing our class leaderboard.
A friend has just given me a guitar! So i will be watching some Youtube videos to try and learn how to play. Also today i am excited because me and some of my friends are going to a football trial for Middlewich Under 8's.
Hope you have a nice week.

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Mr Williamson wrote:

Nathaniel - Lovely to hear from you again. It's so nice that we can do more now and see more people, as long as we are very careful. I love going to the beach and enjoying the sea air and an ice cream too. I hope you have a lovely week and keep up all your excellent work with the Home Learning and TT Rockstars.

Reuben - I have noticed how well you are doing on TT Rockstars - WELL DONE! keep it up and keep working hard on the Home Learning. Playing an instrument is a really skillful thing to do and takes time so keep at it and don't give up. My family all have fun learning instruments in my house too!

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Jack Wood wrote:

Hello everybody
Last week I went for a walk up a big hill called the cloud and I went to see the pirate boat along the canal. I have also met with people for social distanced walks.
I have been trying hard with my school work and I have enjoyed Art πŸ–Ό
Stay safe 🌈
Jack Wood

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Mr Williamson wrote:

Jack W - I'm pleased to hear you have been managing to get out more now that we are allowed to. It sounds like you have been having fun. I'm pleased you are enjoying the Home Learning again this week and don't forget your TT Rockstars too! Hope to see you soon.

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Matthew wrote:

Hi Mr Edwards,
Hope you’re having a wonderful day. This week I have enjoyed making different paper airplanes ✈️ I have made 3, one can go far, one can spin & one can go high.
I am also looking forward to doing the home sport festival challenges with my family πŸ€ πŸ‰πŸπŸŽΎπŸ“πŸŽ±πŸ₯βšΎοΈπŸ₯Žβš½οΈ.

Stay Safe

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Sophia L wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have had a really busy week doing my work. I'm ready for the weekend now. I'm very excited to get back to school in September and see all of my friends. We have been on a lot of walks this week. We like to walk in the rain and it's quiet because no one else likes it.

Have a good weekend,

from Sophia

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Mr Edwards wrote:

Matthew - It's great to hear from you again this week. Your three paper airplanes sound fantastic. You could count how many seconds each of them stay in the air for. The sports festival will be lots of fun. Make sure you keep record of all your scores. Take care and keep in touch :)

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Mr Williamson wrote:

Sophia L - Lovely to hear from you again. I'm pleased to hear you are keeping up with the Home Learning, it really is important. WELL DONE! I'm also glad to hear you've been getting outside too. My family and I have enjoyed a few walks in the rain and you are right, it is quite special. Looking forward to seeing you in September and I hope to hear from you again next week.

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