Year 6 Zoom Blog 15.06.20

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 6:00pm

Hello year 6,

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom this week.  Your session day and time will be the same as last week. Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the email with all the relevant information on.

  • 6D Zoom sessions will be at 2pm on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 
  • 6M sessions will be on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 11am or 1pm. The Monday and Wednesday sessions are all at 1pm. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are all at 11am.

This week, as you enter the room, there will be a grammar starter, which focuses on pronouns. We will then look at relative clauses. You will need to watch this video clip about relative clauses by clicking this [LINK]. Please make sure you watch this clip before your Zoom meeting. Towards the end of the session, you will be given 5 science questions based on living things and their habitat. At the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share any news and a piece of your work (if you want to) so have that ready just in case. 

As normal, you will need to bring a pen and a piece of paper to your Zoom session. 

We can’t wait to see you all.

Mrs Davies and Miss Merson

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Alex 6D wrote:

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend😀😃. Mine was good. We have a jigsaw on our table and it has been there for a couple of months. It is so hard, it has 3 cats🐈 on the front and a BLURRED background. OMG it's annoying😒, but I still want to get it finished. I am still reading📗 Twice magic but I am further along now. I have now watched Holes on YouTube and it was really good.📺😀
Hope you are all well.

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Megan wrote:

Hi everyone I hope you are ok,
Yesterday I went to a driving range to have fun and I did well. We thought we wouldn’t see the load but on the way back we managed to see it, they had been planning this for two years and apparently every Sunday we will see 1 load driving to the hospital. I also saw poppy and we had a drink and snacks. Me, my dad and brother saw my nana and granddad and had lunch together. I cant wait to see all of you tomorrow🤗👍

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi Alex,
I hope you manage to complete your jigsaw this month. I am sure you will as you were very good in our jigsaw club. What is your book about? Are you enjoying the tasks in English related to Holes?

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Filip Bydlinski wrote:

Hello everyone. Hope you are okay. I am writing to you today because I have now started my 5th Harry Potter book called Order Of The Phoenix, which so far is really good. Also during the weekend I have been helping my dad cut the grass since it was getting really out of hand. My best activity this week was the volcano. Enjoy the rest of the day bye.

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Alex 6D wrote:

Hi Mrs Davies,
My book is all about magic. In the book there are two kinds of people the warriors and the magic people. The 3 main characters are Xar, Wish and Bodkin. Wish ad Bodkin are warriors and Xar is magic. Xars magic hasn't come in yet even though he is 13 (most peoples magic comes in when they are 13), but Xar has stolen the magic of a WITCH.
I wont say anymore for those reading or wanting to read it, but I can say it is a very good book.

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Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi Alex,

I am really glad you are enjoying your book. It sounds very interesting.

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Miss Merson wrote:

Megan - How lovely that you have been able to see your nana and grandad and Poppy too! It makes such a difference being able to see more people doesn't it? I still need to look into developing my golf skills at the driving range....

Filip - You are doing really well with the Harry Potter books! I'm glad that you're enjoying them. And helping to cut the grass is very grown up. Well done! I have to admit, I have never cut the grass myself before... maybe that is another skill I should learn in my spare time.

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