Year Two - Wednesday 25th March 2020

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 3:42pm

Hello everyone!

Mr Edwards and I hope that you are enjoying the work we have set you so far and are really trying to challenge yourselves and striving every day to do your best and be your best.

Make sure you take time to enjoy this beautiful sunshine by getting out in the garden or simply asking an adult if you can have the windows open as you work.

We are keen to hear from you so try to take a minute yo let us know how you are getting on.

We are working on some new and exciting things for you to all try next week. Remember, try to do as much as you can but don't worry if you can't do it all. 

Don't forget, we are right here if you need any help with anything at all.

Keep in touch!

Mr Williamson and Mr Edwards


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Willow wrote:

Me and Hazel learned about Bach yesterday. We made our own ostinato as a band.We did maths with daddy.We also opened some presents for my birthday.

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Mr Williamson wrote:

Hi Willow. I bet making your own band was great fun. A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday! I hope you had a lovely time in the sunshine. :)

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Jack m wrote:

I have already written a journal of Neil Armstrong at school. Do I need to do it again ?

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William wrote:

Today I have done PE with Joe Wicks and then maths then science and then music. I helped my mum with washing clothes as well.

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Mr Williamson wrote:

Jack M - Hi! Lovely to hear from you. We haven't written about imagining we are one of these famous explorers. Can you pretend you actually are Columbus or Armstrong and what it could have felt like? I'd love to know how you get on!

William - Great to hear from you. Super idea to help around the house and help take care of your family, just like we say in assemblies. Joe Wicks is a PE master so I hope you kept up! Maybe someone else could do it with you? :)

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william wrote:

hello Mr Williamson,

Today me,charlotte and my dad did Joe Wicks P.E. and then we listened to David Walliams reading one of his storys.I miss you and all of my friends and I hope we can go back to school soon!

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Lottie roberts wrote:

Yesterday mum and i did the joe wicks workout and i baked cakes with mum for my design and tech. They were yummy. Today we compared columbus and neil armstrong i liked watching the rocket launch 😁

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Mr Williamson wrote:

William - We miss you too. Audio books is a great way to listen to some fantastic stories. You'll notice I've included and audio book of The Witches by Roald Dahl in our English work this week. I know we were all enjoying it so much in class. Keep in touch! :)

Lottie - Great to hear from you. Baking cakes is a lovely thing to do. I find I enjoy my food even more if I've cooked it myself. I hope you like this weeks cooking activity too. Those videos of the moon landings are an excellent primary source of information to help us learn about Neil Armstrong. Is there anyone in your family you could talk on the phone or on video call to who might have actually watched it live as it happened? That would be AMAZING!

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