Year 1 Wednesday 6th January

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 8:08am

Good morning Year 1!

It has been lovely to see all of your work that you sent in yesterday. We loved seeing the sentences you wrote about Cinderella. Well done to everyone!

Remember to follow the daily plan and have fun with the activities. Today you will be learning about the United Kingdom in Geography, and the 4 countries which are in it.

What did you enjoy doing yesterday from the daily plan? Reply to this blog this morning, and let us know.

We can't wait to hear from you all,

Mrs Parker and Mr Williamson 


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Ariya Jones wrote:

Good morning Mrs Parker and Mr Williamson,
I liked learning about eating healthy and unhealthy foods and the phonics. I enjoyed swiping through the phonics cards and testing myself. I will carry on working hard today.
Take care,

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Adrian Baranski wrote:

Hello Mrs. Parker
The thing that I enjoyed the most was the last reading activity and drawing an elephant :) I also liked the Art lesson about the primary colours and the song! Adrian

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Oscar Beeston wrote:

I liked looking for primary colours around my house.

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Joshua Brazenall wrote:


I hope you are all well and staying safe.
My favourite task of the day was art. I enjoyed drawing, it was fun.
I miss school a lot.
Take care, Joshua

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Oscar Bunn wrote:

Good morning,
Yesterday i really enjoyed writing about Cinderella, i also had fun in Art, colouring in my wheel and searching around my house for the different colours

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Jude Graham wrote:

Hi everyone I enjoyed the maths and drawing an elephant standing on philosophy toes, we’ve been writing the sentences on paper because my dad didn’t know it could be done on line 🙄

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charlie messenger wrote:

I liked doing my phonics and my matht cout up

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Poppy Wallis wrote:

I enjoyed listening to Cinderella love poppy Wallis

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Harriet Jones wrote:

Doing my Maths 'counting on' work.

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lola rose coxon wrote:

hello I liked learning about cinderella and unhealthy and healthy food. I like working on. my computer
and. my. mum help s me. learn when I. don't know. the. question
bye from. Lola

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Eleonora wrote:

the fruits and vegetables

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Finlay Bertram wrote:


I really enjoyed doing art and finding things around the house in primary colours. I also enjoyed maths aswell

Take Care

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Hazel Hoole wrote:

Yesterday we did maths. Grandad is here today. love from Hazel.

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Ethan Lamb wrote:

I liked all of the work.

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Sam Laws wrote:

Dear Mr Williamson
I really enjoyed maths as I liked all the counting and adding as it was really fun and It was a nice and easy lesson.
Take care
Sam xx

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Esme Surtees wrote:

I enjoyed all the work yesterday, my favourite was the primary colours, I painted a colour wheel with my mum and we had fun mixing the primary colours together. Love from Esme Surtees. x

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Stan Prime wrote:

Hi! I really enjoyed listening to the cinderella story, I also liked doing math's (this is my favorite thing).

See you soon, Stan

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Ashton Jones wrote:

Hi Mr Williamson
Yesterday I enjoyed going around my house hunting for the primary colours, I had lots of fun,
from Ashton

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