Year 1 Monday 30th March Home Learning

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 8:58am

Good morning Year 1!

We hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for your new home learning activities this week. Your activities are at the bottom of the class pages again. Go to class pages, choose 1P or 1S, scroll down and find 'Files to Download' and then choose 'Year 1 Home Learning week beginning 30.03.20'.

There are lots of activities to do. There are tasks for English and maths everyday. The English lessons have got your phonics activities in too! Please try to make sure you are doing a read everyday. This will help you to practise your phonics skills! If you want to practise your phonics more, is a great place to go!

This week, we're going back to the 1950s and 1960s in our history, and thinking about our senses in science. You can also design a cushion for Design and Technology. We would love to hear which activities you have really liked and if you have any questions, then ask an adult to help you reply to this blog.

Remember to keep active. Maybe you could do the Joe Wicks work out which is about to start?

Have a great week, and enjoy your home learning!

Mrs Parker and Mr Swift smiley

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Bobby Cudny wrote:

Thank you for all the learning guides. Bobby is really enjoying these tasks! Especially the history and science :-)

Mrs Parker wrote:

I'm really pleased to hear Bobby is enjoying the tasks! Although I'm not surprised he's enjoying the science activities :)
Mrs Parker

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Niamh wrote:

We just did some science and then played a game where we had to guess food without seeing it using our other senses. I liked the chocolate the best!

Mrs Parker wrote:

That sounds like a great game! :)
Mrs Parker

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Aurora Cook wrote:

Hello! I miss you, but I've been really good practicing my maths! I've even learnt my 9x tables! I've been reading lots of books as well x

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Aurora! I miss everyone at school too, but hopefully we will all see each other soon. It's nice to hear you've been reading lots. What has been your favourite so far? And the 9x table - wow!
Mrs Parker

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Daisy lamph wrote:

I hope you've had a nice weekend too :)

Mrs Parker wrote:

I did thank you Daisy!
Mrs Parker

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Joshua lees wrote:

I am enjoying telling my mum about The elves and the shoemaker also doing activities based on them. We are going to make cakes tomorrow. we have found out lots of facts about animals we watched the virtual zoo last week we enjoyed that.
Miss you all

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Joshua,
The virtual zoo was good wasn't it? I really enjoyed that too. I'm glad you are enjoying the activities about The Elves and the Shoemaker. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have done when we all get back to school.
Mrs Parker

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Holly Cragg wrote:

Hello, I do Joe Wicks every day with my family and I have been making obstacle courses in the garden with my brothers. I asked my Grandma lots of questions on Zoom about her childhood, we both loved this! Granda sent me some photos of when Grandma was little, she looks like me! I loved designing my cushion, I wish it was real. I am testing my senses with Mummy later. I really miss everyone but have been able to speak on Zoom with some friends - I love this too!
Love Holly

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Holly,
The obstacle courses sound like lots of fun - what a great idea!
It sounds like you're enjoying the history activities, I'm very glad! And I'm looking forward to seeing your cushion design when we all get back to school!
Mrs Parker

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Sophia Mottershaw wrote:

Hi, I'm really missing school and ask everyday when I can come back! I'm trying to do my work at home - my favourite this week so far has been science and we did a senses scavenger hunt. I'm also helping Daddy with his fitness classes for my PE and I've now been on YouTube for his work: - which was very exciting :)

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Sophia,
It looks like you have been very busy helping Daddy! Well done!
I hoped everybody would like the senses hunt - I'm looking forward to hearing what you have all found.
I'm missing school too, hopefully it won't be too long before we are all back!
Keep up the hard work!
Mrs Parker

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Nylah Alcock wrote:

Hi! Today I've been busy designing my cushion which was fun, I managed to do my Geography work too and some math. My grandparents helped me with my history work over a video call which was funny. I've been doing the Joe Wicks P.E sessions in the mornings and going on as many walks as we can on Mummys days off work to spot the rainbows and bears in the windows. I'm really missing all my friends and you too of course Miss, I can't wait to see everyone again. :)

Mrs Parker wrote:

Hi Nylah, I'm glad you enjoyed designing your cushion. I'm looking forward to seeing what the design is!
I've been trying to spot rainbows on my daily walk too, its nice to see them isn't it?
Keep up the hard work Nylah, and hopefully it won't be long before we are all back at school :)

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Mr Swift wrote:

Hi Year 1,
I have really enjoyed hearing about all of the learning you have been doing!
I've been doing Joe Wicks everyday too! Who has managed to spot the differences yet?
Take care,
Mr Swift :)

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