Sports Relief 2016

Date: 11th Mar 2016 @ 2:48pm


Next weekend is Sports Relief 2016.  I just wanted to ask you all 

  1. What is your favourite sport and why?
  2. Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?


Mrs Bertoni

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Jessica Grant wrote:

I enjoy playing football and tennis because they are fun.

Mrs Bertoni wrote:

When I was younger I used to play a lot of tennis, now I just enjoy watching it. I have to be honest Jessica I have never liked playing football.

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My favourite sport is gymnastics because I am really good and I enjoy it.😀😀😀

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Daniel Jackson 3S wrote:

I love to run & my favourite sports person is Usain Bolt because he is a very fast Olympic runner.

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keira cranstone 5H wrote:

my favourite sport is cricket and netball
I love cricket because it develops your hand eye co-ordination and keeps you active
I love netball because you have to be aggressive and want the ball but at the same time you have to be light on you feet and very graceful.

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Miss Merson wrote:

Hello Mrs Bertoni and everyone else!

My favourite sport to do is dancing, because I find it really fun. I love some of the glamorous costumes that professional dancers wear.

I like lots of sportspeople but this week, in 4M, we looked at Ellie Simmonds. She is definitely a big inspiration to all of us. I wonder if any of my class can remember why? Or if anybody else can find out?

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Lucy 5h😜 wrote:

In PE we are shooting for netball and I love it! I also like football, I have a football top and it says GIBBO 10 on the back!!😛😎😝😁😜

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poppy drinkwater 4m wrote:

I football gymnastics and horse riding because they are both fun!!!!!
I don't really have a fav sportsperson.

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