Monday 15th June 3D

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 9:12am

Good morning everyone!

This week’s home learning overview can be found on our class page. 

Go to 'Class Pages'; choose 3D and scroll down until you see 'Files to Download' - 'Year 3 Home Learning 15.06.20'. Have a look through all of the activities. If you have any questions, reply to this blog or email me on 2email.

We did a fantastic job on TT rockstars again! Well done to those children who are using it! I would like to see more names this week, 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. As always, let me know what you did! I really enjoy reading your messages. 

I will be tryng to phone your parents this week to see how everyone is. So let them know that if they get a phone call from an unknown number it might be me!

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Roman 😉 wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton I had a lovely weekend. Yesterday I went to my grandma’s to have a BBQ it was really good. I also went for a walk. I loved the thunder storm but the one at 8:30 I didn’t hear and I was sad. I’ve also been playing with my friends to keep in touch with them.

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Evie Marten wrote:

Good Morning Mrs Dutton
i have been on TT this morning. I have just watched story time with Ms la porta.
I am going to start some work now but at dinner i am going to see the falcon 747 take its retirement flight from manchester airport

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Harrison Rowlands wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton

This weekend I went to Tatton Park with my step dad, brother and sister and also my mum. We went on our Segway's and saw some deer. We got really close to them.

Have you had a nice weekend?

From Harrison R

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Jaime wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton,
I had a great weekend , did you?
On Saturday we made more pizza's in the pizza oven. I made the dough and put my pizza toppings on my pizza . It was yummy! We also had a Mcdonalds on Sunday! I have been reading my Harry Potter book and been doing some workouts with my Mum too . I am now on the fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire! It is really good.
I miss school and everyone ,

From Jaime

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Lincoln wrote:

In the weekend I went on a walk, but I went with my family and George and we went to a dam we had a lot of fun. We threw the ball for my dog he missed a couple but one of them got hit on a pole and we got it back but the next time we could not find it but George said we can use his flat ball next time we go on a walk with them. When we got home, I had a salad and for after I tried some apple pie and liked it and I had a slice of it then I went to bed.

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Mason Binnersley wrote:

I have been going on my bike and been on the xbox on the weekend. I was playing with my freind we went for a walk and the dog jump into the lake!

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hello Roman. That sounds like a great weekend. I enjoyed the thunderstorm too.
Hello Evie. I hope you enjoyed the story Ms La Porta read. That sounds like a fun trip out!
Hi Harrison. I had a nice weekend thank you. Wow! That sounds like a great weekend -especially the Segways!
Hello Jaime. I bet you and your family are becoming experts at making pizzas! I love that book. I hope you are enjoying it.
Hi Lincoln. It sounds like you had a lovely time on your walk with George. The apple pie sounds tasty too.
Hello Mason! Your walk sounds lovely. I am glad you are spending time outdoors!

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Jayden 😃😁 wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton this weekend I watched a movie called Artimes fowl. It was my sister's birthday on Friday and I ate all of the sausages. I like playing ttrockstars.

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hi Jayden. I will have to watch that film. I remember reading the book when I was younger! I can see you like TT rockstars. You are winning the class lots of points. Keep it up!

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Izzy Bolt ;-) ok wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton

This weekend we did some gardining, I cycled around the block but the best part was when I had a Mr Whippy. It was yummy. We've enjoyed listening and watching the thunderstorms. I'm on the 2nd to last Harry Potter Book. Last week we made Banana Bread for my Grandparents, Great-Grandma, Dorothy and ourselves, of course.

Missing everyone lots


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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hi Izzy. That sounds like a great weekend. You are speeding through those Harry Potter books! I hope everyone enjoyed your banana bread.

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George Cragg wrote:

Hi Mrs Dutton and Miss Harding

I had an amazing weekend. I made pizzas for everyone, it was very fun. The walk with Lincoln was very funny, we found a crushed baby annabelle that had been squashed by a tractor and Billy Lincoln's dog was chasing it when we threw it! We had a walk along the river Weaver and saw loads of tiny frogs about the size of your fingernail and we were trying to save them from getting squashed by bikes or other people. I played table tennis at my nana's house too. I am really enjoying all of the storms because some were a continuous flash, strike, flash, strike.
I miss everyone so much

From George

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Mrs Dutton wrote:

Hi George. It sounds like you have been having lots of fun. Those tiny frogs sound really cute! I am glad you were protecting them and I'm sure they were too!

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