Reception Home learning 25.3.20

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 11:52am

Hello everybody,

It has been lovely to hear from some of you about what you have been doing over the past couple of days. It sounds like you have been working very hard. 

The weather is definately showing the signs of Spring now. I have some beautiful blossom buds growing in my front garden. Can you see any new signs of spring through your window or in your garden?

It would be lovely to hear all about how you are enjoying the sunshine and the beginning of spring. Ask a grown up to help you to blog back to us. We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to reading your messages.

From Mrs Webster, Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai.


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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello everyone. Yesterday was a fun day. Mum and I had P.E in the garden. We played tick and I learnt about head starts in races. I worked in the tent to practice letters, numbers and did some addition and subtraction work. Mum has to work at the same time sometimes so I have learnt a about the vets looking after any poorly animals right now too. I have played with my dolls house and barbies. We have lots of butterflies appearing in the garden so I am trying to get one to land on me. Two cats also came into my neighbour's garden so I watched them for a while. I tried to get them to come into my garden but they were lazing in the sunshine. I hope you are all well and taking good care. Lots of love Sophie.

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Mrs Webster wrote:

Hi Sophie,
You certainly are very busy and making the most out of this sunny weather in your garden.
I am glad that you are getting lots of exercise and doing lots of learning too.
Learning about poorly animals at the vets sounds really interesting too.
If you stand really still the butterflies might land on you but you would have to be very patient.
Enjoy the rest of the day Sophie,
Keep letting us know what you are up to.
Mrs Webster :)

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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Good morning everybody. This morning I have had my breakfast and played with my dolls. I am going to do some cosmic yoga and make slime. I made banana bread yesterday with Mum for my Dad who is a keyworker. He is making asthma inhalers and respiratory devices to help people breathe better. I am going to complete one of my book challenges today. I read Tangled last night and am going to watch the film today. There is a great magician on Youtube doing videos who came to my 4th birthday party called Nick Barnes. I watched it yesterday and I laughed a lot. I hope everybody has a lovely weekend and the sun keeps shining for us all.

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hi Sophie. You have been doing lots of fun activities! I hope your Dad enjoyed the banana bread, that is one of my favourite cakes too. I wonder if any of your friends in Reception have been baking? Please let us know if you have.
I am sure you will enjoy watching Tangled, have you read Rapunzel as well? I am going to search on YouTube now for Nick Barnes, it is a nice idea to share videos and things that have made us laugh.
You will have to let us know how the slime turns out Sophie!
Have a lovely day everyone.

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Emily Pegg wrote:

Hello everybody, I am missing my teachers and my friends and hope to see you all soon. Last week was really strange, mummy is keeping me busy though in between trying to work from home. I have done my numbers from 1-20 and even coloured them into odds and evens (mummy taught me what that meant). I made a colourful sign thanking the doctors and nurses using paint and also painted an Easter egg picture for the old lady across the road to cheer her up. Mummy and Daddy let me stay up late so I could join in the clap for the NHS, this was fun and I got to see all my neighbours out in the road. I have done both Joe Wicks and Cosmic Kids Yoga so I am keeping fit. Mummy also played frisbee and football with me in the garden when the sun was shining. At the weekend I helped mummy and daddy paint the garden fences, my arms got really tired but they said I did a good job.
Stay safe everybody, Miss You!. Love from Emily x

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Mrs Webster wrote:

Hi Emily,

Wow, you have been so busy at home. It is great to hear that you have been keeping fit and healthy while you have been at home. It is so important and keeps you happy too.

I love to hear stories about people being kind and cheering others up. You were so thoughtful painting a picture for your neighbour. Have you seen the neighbourhood window watch? There is something different each week to put in your window to cheer people up as they walk past. Last week it was a rainbow and this week it is silly faces. I think you would enjoy drawing or painting a silly face for your window.

You certainly have been working hard with your numbers. You will have a head start with your odd and even numbers when you get back to school. Well done.

It's great to help out in the house and garden especially if mummy and daddy are working so well done for that too. It sounds like you are being such a good helper.

I hope that you enjoy this week's activities and still continue to have lots of fun, be kind and helpful.

We all miss you lots too and can't wait to get back to school and see you all.
Stay safe.
Love from Mrs Webster

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