Hello FPR 13.5.20

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 8:02am

Good morning FPR

How are you all this week?  I hope you are having a nice week and enjoying the home learning activities which we have set.  It has been nice to hear about some of your VE day celebrations, if you havent bogged already maybe you could have a go today.  We love hearing from you and all of the things you have been up to.

The weather is abit cloudy today, let's hope it brightens up later as I was hoping to get my boys out for a walk!

I have a joke for you 'Where was granny when the lights went out?'   'In the dark' ha ha ha.

Take care and hopefully see you soon

Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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Darcey Bannaghan wrote:

Good morning,
I decorated my house for ve day it looked brilliant. I had coloured lots of flags. We went for a walk and everyone was sat outside. We have been on some walks down the canal and have found some baby ducklings so have fed them some bread. We have had lots of fun doing homework. Me and Kian have been playing lots of games too. I'm still doing my reading every morning too. I've got a joke too, "why was 6 scared of 7? . . Because 7 8 9 :) miss you all love Darcey

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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello everyone, I like your joke. I like this one 'Why did the cow cross the road?' 'It wanted to go to the moovies'. I also like the 'Why did the girl take the pencil to bed?' 'To draw the curtains'. Mum said that was her favourite when she was a little girl.
I have taught my Mum how to play the 'Yeehaa' game to learn how to write my word walls, she thinks it is fun and better that we can play it together.
I have just started my drawing of a garden and am going to put lovely jewels and sparkle on it (there are lots of them loose in the tent from when I made my cards to give friends. Mum set me a counting challenge to pick them up)! I am blogging in my tent, it is good fun to do my schoolwork in here. The sun has started to come out too. I get my baby dollies ready to come outside in their prams so they sit out too. Dad has a few days off soon which we are all looking forward to. I am determined to learn how to ride my bike soon too.
Hope you all have a lovely day. Miss you all. Love from Sophie. xx

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hello Darcey,
Firstly, we just wanted to thank you and your mummy for your lovely letter it was very kind and really made us smile :).
It sounds like you had fun on VE day, I bet you can easily recognise the flag of the United Kingdom now. It was such a sunny day on VE day, I hope that weather returns soon as it is also nice for those walks down the canal.
Those ducklings must look very cute, have you seen any other baby animals? I've got caterpillars at my house at the moment and I am waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hi Sophie
I like your jokes, I can see why that was your mum's favourite when she was little it's very funny!
I'm glad you've remembered how to play Cowboy Phonics, it's a great way to practise reading all the words on your word walls or words with specific digraphs in. Can you read all the words that you mum writes?
Your garden will look lovely when it is completed with all the sparkles, make sure you take a photo for us to see.
Do you ever pretend to be the teacher for your baby dollies? I bet they would enjoy that.
Speak to you again soon Sophie. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello, Mum said I've made cowboy phonics even more fun now because I read all the words, spell as many of them as I can then we both write a word from the word wall on our own sheets of paper so I get lots of practice writing and so does Mum. Last night Dad played too and there were prizes!
Mum is sticking pictures and photos into my book so you can see all the things I've been doing.
The baby dollies come into the tent and do Maths factor or listen to the story books. They really liked the blackbird video and I liked it so much Mum showed me a red robin family too. They have played some of the phonics games with me too. Mum and I finally got all of the sequins up off the tent floor..it took quite a long time so we had to stop for ice cream to keep us going. My favourite is now chocolate. I'm having a little break now and watching 'Grandpa in my pocket'. I'm going to make chocolate chip muffins or brownies later which are yummy. Enjoy the sunshine everyone. Love Sophie xx

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hello Sophie,
Excellent phonics work! You will be a spelling superstar when we get back to school.
Your baby dollies must be learning a lot as well, they certainly have a good teacher :). I was thinking about ice cream earlier as I heard the ice cream van and now you have mentioned it as well, maybe it is time for me to have a scoop of vanilla (that's my favourite!)
Enjoy your yummy cakes.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Maisie wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have been laughing this morning at all the jokes. Grandad always tells me some funny jokes my favourite one is Where do fish keep their money?..........In the River Bank!!

I have been busy doing school work again this week but have also been practicing lots on my bike and now I can do it all by myself. I am so happy now that I can do it and can't wait to go on on bike ride with Mummy, Daddy and Millie.

I have also had another facetime call with Emily this week which I love doing, we had lots of fun and where talking and playing for 3 hours!!

Me and Mummy are going to do the Hungry Caterpillar game this afternoon when Millie is asleep.

Missing everyone still and can't wait to see you all

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Mrs Pillai wrote:

Hello again Maisie,
Lovely to hear that you are keeping busy and that you have managed to Face Time with Emily. I can imagine you two chatting and playing for ages!
Tell your Grandad that was a funny joke, I'm going to remember and use that one.
A huge well done on learning to ride your bike by yourself that's amazing! You must have worked so hard and you will love going on a family bike ride I'm sure.
How do you play the Hungry Caterpillar game? I've never played that one, I may have to see if I can buy it somewhere.
Have a lovely weekend with your family Maisie.
We miss you lots.
Love Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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