Happy World Book Day Reception

Date: 3rd Mar 2021 @ 5:24pm

Good Morning Reception,

Today is World Book Day and to start our day off in a lovely way some of the Year 6 children have recorded a story for us to listen to. Just click on this link here:


Please let us know if you enjoyed the story and what you liked about it by replying to this blog. Have a lovely day. 

Love Mrs Webster, Mrs Pillai and Mrs Rogerson

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Oliver McGhee wrote:

Yes i enjoyed the story. I liked the pictures and that there was lots of rhyming.

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Oliver Fielding wrote:

I liked the story. I liked all the rhyming words for what they sit on.

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Isabella wrote:

Good Morning Everyone,
What a lovely way to start the day... Thank you.
Yes I enjoyed the story and I like the way the story rhymes.
Have a wonderful day.
Love Izzy x

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Leif wrote:

I enjoyed the story very much.
I liked it when they said what do frogs 🐸 sit on he he xx

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Jacob Gibson wrote:

I enjoyed the story, especially the dogs on the logs.

Have a good day !

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Alexandra Morris wrote:

I liked the part where the elephants sit on smelly pants!

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Malcolm Shenton wrote:

The story was so funny... sun lounges!
I liked the leopard on the shepherd.
Love Malcolm.

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Emily Bertram wrote:

I liked everything about about the story.

Emily X

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Erin Barnes wrote:

Hi everyone,

My favourite part of the story was that the elephant had to sit on smelly pants. That made me giggle. Thank you to year 6 for reading to us.

Love from Erin

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Annabelle Stanier wrote:

'The story was funny with lots of animals sitting'.

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Archie Schietaert wrote:

Hello Everyone

I enjoyed the story when the dog sat on the frog and said pigs sit on wigs.

See you all soon love Archie xx

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Catherine wrote:

I liked it because it was funny and it rhymed. Normally dogs can sit on furniture, cats can sit anywhere and frogs can sit on logs.

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Logan Atkinson wrote:

Good morning reception,

I enjoyed the story very much, I thought it was funny when the dog sat on the frog.

Have a lovely day


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Robyn Waterfall wrote:

Hi everyone, I enjoyed the story as I really like doggies.
Love Robyn x

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Leo wrote:

I liked the story from year 6, my favourite part was elephants sitting on smelly pants!


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Millie Hallows wrote:

I liked the story. I loved the bit where elephants sat on smelly pants, it was so funny!

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Albie wrote:

It was a funny story, I liked it. I liked when it said dragons sit on wagons ☺️

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Ava Betts wrote:

I really liked the story, my favourite part was the elephants sitting on smelly pants. I thought it was very funny.

Love Ava.

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Francesca wrote:

I liked all the rhyming words.

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Mila Mitchell wrote:

Good morning,
I liked the book! I liked the bit where they said Bears sit on stairs haha!
Mila xxxxxxx

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Layla Guinane wrote:


I really liked the story. I liked the cat.

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Braden Jones wrote:

I enjoyed the story, and listening to the rhyming words.
love Braden

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