Good morning FPR 11.5.20

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 7:30am

Hello everyone

How are you all?  What a lovely weekend again.  The weather is being so kind!

On Friday it was VE day, did you celebrate? In my village there were street parties, everyone sat out in their front gardens and ehjoyed a picnic and a drink.  There was music playing and the sun was shining, it was so nice to see everyone from a distance!  I know Mrs Pillai enjoyed a picnic in her garden as well, she told me that her boys had a lovely day and were very tired by the end of the day!

Your challenge today is to blog us about your VE day celebrations.  What did you do? Did you see any flags in your neighbourhood?  Did you decorate your house?

We can't wait to hear all about your VE celebrations.

Take care

Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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Emily Pegg wrote:

Good morning everybody, still missing everyone!

Me and mummy decorated loads of home made bunting and hung it up outside (I have stuck one inside my green book to show you) and mummy told me we were celebrating the anniversary of winning the war 75 years ago.. We had a party on our front drive to celebrate VE Day. We took out one of the fence panels so we could see our neighbours and we had a table across both drives with food and cakes...yummy!

I got to meet loads of new people from my road as I don't normally get to see them, and have made lots of new friends (I did keep my distance though so I didn't break any rules).

We had music playing too and I even had a go at playing my guitar for the neighbours (I was a bit quiet so daddy put the radio on). A bit later daddy started the bbq and we had hotdogs with lots of ketchup.

One of the neighbours in my road had made party bags for all for all of the children which was very nice. It was a very late night but so nice to see people again.

Can't wait to see you all soon. Love from Emily x

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Sophie Lawrence wrote:

Hello everyone, we painted our flag on the front window. I also had a pool party in the garden on VE day which was fun. When I went on my walk I saw lots of flags and bunting and counted them all. I aslo had chicken nuggets, chips and peas for my dinner.
I made a bug hotel and found snails in there so have taken pictures and stuck them in my book. I have done some schooling in the tent which is really good fun. Today I have practiced my alphabet and also done the robot spelling game on phonics play. Mum and I take turns to hit the enter button. I found a millipede crawling in the tent too.. I thought it was a worm at first. I put it on my Mum's arm but she didn't like it!
I am excited about bringing my flag book in. Have a lovely day everyone. Sophie xx

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Mrs Rogerson wrote:

Hello Emily

It really is lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you had a fantastic VE celebration day! I think I would like to come and live on your street!
It is amazing all of the new people you get to meet now everyone is at home, I think we should all have street parties more often. Well done for playing your guitar for everyone, I bet everyone really enjoyed listening to you even though it was abit quiet.
Hot dogs cooked on the BBQ sound yummy and how nice of your neighbour making party bags for everyone, what was in them?
Take care Emily and thanks for blogging.
Hopefully we will see you soon
Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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Mrs Rogerson wrote:

Hello Sophie

It sounds like you had a fun filled VE celebration day with a pool party it certainly was the weather for it! I bet you counted lots of flags on your walk and what a lovely tea, chicken nuggets are my sons favourite tea as well! Well done for continuing your work it sounds like you are keeping really busy, We look forward to seeing the pictures of your bug hotel and your flag book.
Take care
Love Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Pillai

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