5B Zoom Blog 11.05.2020

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 4:33pm

Hello 5B,

I hope you're all enjoying the weekly zoom sessions as much as I am! It is so nice to see you all and hear what you've been up to! Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the email with all the relevant information on. Our sessions this week are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11am. You will be in one session each week. 

Don't forget to rename your device when accessing Zoom so we can see your name when entering the waiting room.

This week our zoom session will start with a geography starter followed by our new text Mythical Beasts and Fabulous Monsters by Timothy Knapman. This is a story based on Viking myth and legend! Two young Vikings seek to feed their people with fish but risk becoming a meal for the terrible Kraken.

When you join the meeting, you will see some geography questions on the screen, so you can be answering these questions, whilst we wait for everyone to enter the room. Once everyone has entered, we will mark the answers and then start our reading session. In geography, we will be looking at continents, oceans, capitals of countries, regions and counties in the UK. You could do some geography revision before the zoom meeting!

You will need to bring a pen and a piece of paper to your zoom session. Also, at the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share any news and a piece of your work so have that ready just in case. 

Please remember our zoom rules. We always go over these at the start of each session. 

To make sure that we have a successful Zoom session you must ensure that you:

  • Are respectful, polite and considerate of others at all times.
  • Listen carefully to the teacher and what others say.
  • Wait for your teacher to un-mute you.
  • Do not try and distract other children in the session (e.g. by pulling a silly face).
  • Do not change your background because this can distract other children.
  • Do not capture anything on the screen.
  • Do not leave the session unless you absolutely have to.

If you display poor behaviour, you will receive a warning. If this continues, your video and microphone will be disabled, and you may not be able to re-join the session.

I can't wait to see you all again!

Mrs Berry 

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owen wrote:

my maths homework is not working still

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Jack M wrote:

Hi Mrs Berry! I loved the zoom call today. It was really nice seeing you and my friends. Ps I like our new text! I wanted to tell you that I have been making electronic music on GarageBand and Groovepad. It helps me work out when the right time is to add in a new beat or synth and my knowledge of music.
Have a great day! 😀
Stay safe,
Jack M

Jack M wrote:

I have also put on a few DJ performances for my family!

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Mrs Berry wrote:

Hi Owen,

Unfortunately, White Rose are no longer providing the worksheets. I would suggest you continue to watch the video tutorials daily and make notes in your home learning books. Instead you could complete the non-computer-based tasks on your 'Year 5 Home Learning Pack' as there are worksheets available on there and set tasks.

BBC Bitesize are also offering home learning activities and videos that you could check out.

I hope this helps.

Mrs Berry

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Mrs Berry wrote:

Hi Jack,

I'm glad you enjoyed today's zoom call and our new text! It was lovely to see you too.

Wow! That sounds interesting and lots of fun Jack. Mrs Bigg's will be impressed and interested in what you're learning to play. I love that you have been putting on performances for your family - what a great idea!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Mrs Berry

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Daniel wrote:

Hi guys I have just done my River poem so I thought I would share it with you. It describes a part of the river in Middlewich that we like to go to on our family walks. I hope you like it.

I waded into my secret swimming pool
protected by my feathered friends.

I crawled into my quiet, hidden cove
escaping from the chaos of the world.

I lay under my cover from the rain
as a comfy, green blanket settled on me.

I ran and jumped onto my magical rope swing
as it teleported me to a mythical land.

I played in my secret, little beach
scattered with mysterious treasures.

I looked up at my lush, green ceiling
as it towered over me.

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