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Date: 18th May 2020 @ 9:36am

Hi 4T, 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again for our Zoom sessions this week.

Please ask your parents/carers to look out for the information with which group you are in.  

Our sessions this week 

Group A: Tuesday 11:30am

Group B: Tuesday 1:00pm

Group C: Thursday 11:30am

Group D: Thurssday 1:00pm

Don't forget to rename your device when accessing Zoom so I can see your name when entering the waiting room and please bring a pen/pencil and paper.

Also at the end of the session, there may be an opportunity to share a piece of your fantastic work or share any news so have that ready just in case. 

This week, as soon as you enter the room, there will be some times tables for you to complete so you can begin doing those straight away. We will then have a quiz based on a range of work we have covered in year 4. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all, 

Mr Taziker

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Kathry Higgin wrote:

My tablet timed out. I couldn’t hear anything after mummy timed me in again. I answered the questions I could see on my tablet. I marked the questions I could see the answers to.

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Mr Taziker wrote:

Kathryn - It was lovely to see you but a shame we couldn't get audio working. I spoke to mum after the session and all should be ok for next week. Well done for doing what you could do.

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